PHOTOS: New “Frozen 2” Pandora Jewelry Charms Released at Uptown Jewelers in the Magic Kingdom

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If you’re looking to infuse some enchantment into your style, you’ll want to add these new Pandora Jewelry charms to your bracelet! We spotted the new “Frozen 2” charms out at Uptown Jewelers at Magic Kingdom today.

New Frozen 2 Pandora Charms Released at Uptown Jewelers at Magic Kingdom

Let’s take a closer look!

Anna Fearless by Nature Charm – $75.00

Anna Fearless by Nature Charm - $75.00

Princess Anna can be seen here with her hair and cloak flowing behind her. She’s surrounded in a leaf-like frame.

Anna Fearless by Nature Charm - $75.00

The frame can be slid away to reveal the autumnal colors behind her, featuring gems of purple, dark pink, orange and yellow.

Anna Fearless by Nature Charm - $75.00

On the back, “Fearless by Nature” is engraved. This fits with Anna’s overall theme for the upcoming film.

Elsa Inner Strength – $75.00

Elsa Inner Strength - $75.00

Queen Elsa is shown here with Nokk, surrounded in a frame that’s very fluid.

Elsa Inner Strength - $75.00

Just like with Anna, Elsa’s background features gems of shades of blue. These cool colors add to Elsa’s overall icy vibe, as well as the new water elements that we’re seeing in the latest film.

Elsa Inner Strength - $75.00

On the back, the phrase “Inner Strength” is engraved to inspire all to dig deep to find their own strength, just like Elsa does.

Nokk Frozen Horse Charm – $75.00

Nokk Frozen Horse Charm - $75.00

According to a synopsis of “Frozen 2”,  Nokk is a mythical water spirit that takes the form of a horse – who uses the power of the ocean to guard the secrets of the forest.

Nokk Frozen Horse Charm - $75.00

Nokk is shown here with blue gems, just like on Elsa’s charm, that add to their icy and water features that we’ll see in the upcoming film.

Olaf Charm – $65.00

Olaf Charm - $65.00

Everyone’s favorite snowman who gives warm hugs finally has a full body charm!

Olaf Charm - $65.00

Olaf’s carrot nose and stones are coated in an enamel to help make them pop against the silver tones of his body.

Snowflake Gem Charm – $100.00

Snowflake Gem Charm - $100.00

This snowflake gem reminds us a bit of the scene in “Let It Go” when Elsa is constructing her ice castle. We can even see a few frozen fractals on the edge of this charm.

Snowflake Gem Charm - $100.00

What’s really cool about this charm is the addition of characters engraved on the side.

Snowflake Gem Charm - $100.00

On one side, we see Olaf hand in hand with Anna. Queen Elsa takes the lead here, leading them out into adventure outside of Arendelle.

Snowflake Gem Charm - $100.00

On the other side, we see Kristoff with his trusty reindeer Sven.

These charms will be available across the parks, including locations like Legends of Hollywood at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Ever After Jewelry Co. & Accessories at Disney Springs in Florida as well as the Disney Dress Shop and Pandora Jewelry at the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim.

Are you getting excited for “Frozen 2” as more merchandise keeps getting released? Will you be adding these cool charms to your own bracelet? Let us know!

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