The 85th Anniversary Donald Duck plush

PHOTOS: New Donald Duck 85th Anniversary Limited Edition Plush Arrives at the Magic Kingdom

We’ve been celebrating a lot of anniversaries around Disney lately. It seems that the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom is celebrating our favorite duck, Donald! This brand-new, limited-edition plush celebrates Donald Duck’s 85th anniversary.

Donald Duck 85th Anniversary Plush – $50.00

Donald Duck 85th Anniversary Plush - $50.00

Donald made his first appearance on screen in “The Wise Little Hen” back in June 9, 1934. This plush brings back the classic animated style that Donald was first drawn in.

Donald Duck 85th Anniversary Plush - $50.00

This plush is protected by a box, so if you’re wanting to keep him in pristine condition as a collector, he can stay safely guarded. Keep in mind, there are only 3,000 of this collector plush made, so if you’re a Donald Duck fan, make sure you pick up your own soon.

Donald Duck 85th Anniversary Plush - $50.00

This is a Disney Parks collector item, and the attention to detail to make this plush look like the classic animation makes this plush unique.

Donald Duck 85th Anniversary Plush - $50.00

The back of the box gives a little bit of background on Donald’s history. This plush was made in the likeness that Walt and Roy Disney were satisfied with when it came to merchandise of their characters. To add to its collector value, this plush has been designed to replicate the Charlotte Clark design from the 1940s doll that is in the Walt Disney Archives.

If you’re looking for more Donald Duck 85th anniversary merchandise, head to shopDisney for a full collection!

Are you excited to see a collector’s item like this for Donald? Do you wish to see more classic plush in the Fab Five come out for each character’s anniversary in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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