PHOTOS: New Legacy Disney Characters Ornament Set Available Now at Disney Parks

Derek Sterling

PHOTOS: New Legacy Disney Characters Ornament Set Available Now at Disney Parks

A new set of legacy ornaments for some of your favorite Disney characters has made its way into Disney Parks. According to Cast Members, there will be a total of 10 ornaments in the set, but only five were available when we checked this morning. Let’s take a look!

Little Mermaid Legacy Ornament – $21.99

Little Mermaid Legacy Ornament2 Little Mermaid Legacy Ornament1

Celebrating 30 years of The Little Mermaid, this ornament features Ariel and Prince Eric in the signature rowboat with Flounder and Sebastian nearby.

Lion King Legacy Ornament – $21.99

Lion King Legacy Ornament1 Lion King Legacy Ornament2 Lion King Legacy Ornament3

For 25 years, this Lion King ornament features Simba and Zazu peaking out through the foliage on the back of the ornament.

Mary Poppins Legacy Ornament – $21.99

Mary Poppins Legacy Ornament1 Mary Poppins Legacy Ornament2 Mary Poppins Legacy Ornament3

55 years on, this snow globe inspired Mary Poppins ornament features Mary Poppins and Bert enjoying a stroll.

Mr. Toad Legacy Ornament – $21.99

Mr. Toad Legacy Ornament2 Mr. Toad Legacy Ornament1 Mr. Toad Legacy Ornament3

70 years of Mr. Toad is celebrated with the signature toad himself proudly standing tall.

Donald Duck Club Ornament – $21.99

Donald Duck Club Legacy Ornament1 Donald Duck Club Legacy Ornament2 Donald Duck Club Legacy Ornament3

Mickey Mouse Club who? 85 years of Donald Duck is celebrated with this neat two-tone ornament that shows the evolution of the duck himself.

Legacy Ornaments2

These ornaments are part of the $20.00 each when you buy three special, so that is a good way to save money if you enjoy the collection as much as we do.

Legacy Ornaments1