PHOTOS: New “The Incredibles” Logo and Edna Mode Loungefly Backpacks Bring Superhero Style to Walt Disney World

No capes, darling. Only Loungefly backpacks. Just in at Disney’s Hollywood Studios are these two new Edna Mode and “The Incredibles” logo backpacks, themed to the fearless fashion designer and superhero family extraordinaire. Let’s take a closer look at these two new designs.

Edna Mode Loungefly Backpack – $80.00

Want to judge people’s fashion choices as you walk down the park? Leave Edna to the job as she grimly stares down at everyone you walk past.

The backpack features contrasting colors of black and hot pink, with stitching along the middle to emulate her signature (designer) dress.

I love the contrasting elements of the dark-rimmed glasses and embroidering on her lips and eyes.

The backpack features two side pockets with the same triangle-shaped embossed design, also from her dress.

The interior of these backpacks is always the best part. This one features a pattern saying “NO CAPES!”

“The Incredibles” Logo Loungefly Backpack – $75.00

If you’re looking to don a super suit, but aren’t looking to sweat in Florida heat, opt for this super backpack instead.

The backpack features an embroidered Incredibles logo along with faux leather in deep red, orange, and black shades with goldtone hardware.

The crosshatching on the black front pouch gives it an elevated feel, as if Edna Mode had designed it herself

Contrasting black side pockets match the black straps.

Not as exciting as the interior of the Edna Mode backpack, but this one features a red fabric lining with tiny Incredibles logos all along the pattern.

We found these incredible backpacks at Reel Vogue in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Will you be heading there or over to Pixar Avenue for some Cookie Num Nums? (Why not both?)

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