PHOTOS: New “Toy Story 4” Bo Peep’s Sheep Souvenir Ice Cream Spoon Bleats Into Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Bo Peep has lost her sheep and it’s mainly because they’re on this new ice cream spoon, now available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

The spoon is shaped like Bo Peep’s blue shepherd’s crook from Toy Story 4.

A removable clip dangling from up top features Bo Peep’s sheep: Billy, Goat, and Gruff! You can leave the sheep trio on the spoon or clip them on to your backpack, belt loop, or key chain. Many would argue that the sheep were the best part of the latest movie, and I wouldn’t hesitate to agree.

We found the sheep over at Hollywood Scoops by Sunset Boulevard for $6.99. This would make a great set with the Ducky and Bunny straw that was also released earlier this year!

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