PHOTOS: Nostalgic and Adorable Entertainment, Merch, and Food Revealed for Very Very Minnie at Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: Nostalgic and Adorable Entertainment, Merch, and Food Revealed for Very Very Minnie at Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: Nostalgic and Adorable Entertainment, Merch, and Food Revealed for Very Very Minnie at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort is always up to something for every season! And the one-time-only Very Very Minnie coming next winter looks absolutely spectacular! This special celebration of Minnie Mouse looks like it’ll be one to remember, featuring a special mini-parade and stage show, lovely Minnie-centric merchandise, and delicious food items! If you need a reason to visit Tokyo Disney Resort in early 2020, this is it! So, let’s explore all of the special offerings coming to Very Very Minnie from January 10th to March 19th!


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It’s Very Minnie!

At Showbase in Tomorrowland, Guests will experience a delightful celebration of Minnie Mouse and her starring roles in the parks over the years! Music and costumes from entertainment through the years will return in scenes of various styles themed to Latin music, romance and club dancing. Minnie Oh! Minnie (a stage show from 2004-2018) and Blazing Rhythms (the summer event from 2003-2005, and one of my favorites) represent the passionate Latin style. The romantic style is highlighted by Jubilation! (the daytime parade from 2008-2013) and Minnie’s Tiara of Dreams (the winter event in 2007). The cool club style comes to life through D-Pop Magic (the winter and spring event in 2002. Also one of my favorites) and Super Dancin’ Mania (a long club-themed event in 2000). And here to play and sing through it all is Minnie Mouse and her love of fashion. In the finale, the Disney Friends gather, dressed in costumes inspired by Minnie Mouse, for a climactic performance of a new song created specially for this show!

Very Minnie Remix

This mini-parade is filled with nostalgia and memories featuring Minnie Mouse. Weaving in elements of entertainment from the past, the parade wraps Guests in a nostalgic ambience while creating a new world for Minnie Mouse .The parade stops in six different spots along the parade route for a performance of music and dancing from past shows. The parade will be presented in three versions, each focusing on different shows depending on the day and where the parade stops. Accordingly, Guests will be able to enjoy a different experience every time they view the parade! There are three patterns, which change depending on the day.

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This is the pattern the resort gave for the show stops. The show stops will consist of the following choices:

Version Content at Location A Content at Location B
1 D-Pop Magic! Super Dancin’
Fiesta Tropical Bonfire Dance
2 Disney Dreams on
Parade: Moving On!
Disney’s Party
Minnie Oh!
Minnie’s Tropical Splash
3 Mickey’s Adventureland
Mardi Gras
Feel the Magic Disney’s
Rhythms of
the World

I’ve added YouTube links as well, in case you choose to familiarize yourself with some or all of these. I absolutely recommend doing so, as several of these represent the best of the best in terms of Tokyo Disney Resort’s entertainment. The Location B items are almost all hailed as some of the finest entertainment at the Resort, and I can’t wait to see them return!


I love the idea of revisiting past shows! There’s even some love for a few of Tokyo DisneySea’s finest entertainment offerings in the past. All it’s missing is The Legend of Mythica, if you ask me. While first-time (and even more recent ones, really) Guests may not fully grasp the nostalgia factor, I think this will be an event for the older fans of Tokyo Disneyland that have been around for the past 20 years. A lot of these reach really far back in time! I hope this is the Oriental Land Company testing the idea of returning beloved classics with a modern twist! Especially with the Tokyo DisneySea 20th anniversary and Tokyo Disney Resort 40th anniversary coming in the next few years, this is an excellent time to probe the nostalgia factor and see how well it goes!


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Adorable special decorations will be seen throughout the park, including this lovely decorative photo op in front of Cinderella Castle! This features the Disney Friends in their It’s Very Minnie costumes surrounded by banners representing various outfits Minnie has worn over the years!

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And along the parade route in the plaza, special banners will feature Minnie Mouse in various outfits she’s worn, many of which are represented in It’s Very Minnie and Very Minnie Remix! Additionally, these banners will be changed out twice throughout the event to create new photo opportunities!


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About 80 types of merchandise will be offered. Designs from It’s Very Minnie will be used on clear folders and postcards, while the polka dots from Minnie Mouse’s signature costume will be found on keychain sets and memo pads. To enjoy the event even more, Minnie Mouse-inspired items like character gloves and hairbands that can be worn in the Park will also be available in new, limited designs! I think these designs are just darling, and it’s so exciting to see so much themed not only around Minnie, but around past events at Tokyo Disney Resort! All merchandise goes on sale January 9th!


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About 20 special food items will be on offer for the event! The Mickey Pizza at Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe will be offered in a Minnie Mouse-motif version exclusively during this period. Acute strawberry yogurt tapioca drink inspired by Minnie’s signature polka dot dress is also on its way!

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Over at Eastside Cafe, we’ll see a special pasta with pink sauce, as well as a dessert reminiscent of Minnie’s polka-dot bow!

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Blue Bayou Restaurant will offer Minnie Mouse-motifs sprinkled throughout the various dishes in a special full-course meal. We’ll see the full assortment in November or December. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with! All menu items go on sale January 9th.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

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Guests of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel from January 9th through March 19th will be able to purchase exclusive merchandise (a blanket, a pass case, and/or a photo prop card). Additionally, restaurants at both the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and the Disney Ambassador Hotel will serve special dishes. Depending on what Guests order, they will also receive an exclusive card with a design that differs depending on the restaurant.

Disney Resort Line

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At all four Disney Resort Line stations, a special day pass design will be available featuring this design through March 19th!


Wow! I am so excited for Very Very Minnie! Since it’s one-time-only, I’ll need to savor it every day this winter! The shows look like so much fun, the decorations look cute, and the merchandise is just lovely! I think it’s time to book your trip to Tokyo Disney Resort for this winter! What are you waiting for? Let us know below or on Twitter what you think!

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