BREAKING: Limited Slate of Events Announced for 2020 at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort is known for their annual seasonal events… usually. Unfortunately, it looks like the Resort will be experiencing severe cutbacks next year, as OLC has released the calendar for fiscal year 2020. And the plans are extremely limited, with a significantly reduced events calendar. Remember how I said 2020 would be the year to visit Tokyo Disney Resort? Well, let’s dive in to what’s happening next year and see if that holds up.

April 15: Grand Opening of Tokyo Disneyland Expansion

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As we mentioned last week, the Tokyo Disneyland Expansion featuring the E-ticket “Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast” attraction will be opening April 15th at Tokyo Disneyland. This is excellent news, as the park needs extra attractions and capacity. Plus the attractions all look excellent and high-quality. But, unfortunately this seems to be the most exciting thing happening for the entire year at Tokyo Disneyland.

March 27 – June 12: Disney Easter at Tokyo DisneySea

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The Usapiyos will be springing back into Easter next year at Tokyo DisneySea, featuring Tip-Top Easter! I’m not a huge fan of this show (nor are many Japanese guests from what I understand), but they love the Usapiyos because they’re so cute! Over at Tokyo Disneyland, it appears this year was the final year for Usatama on the Run!, and maybe for Easter in general at that park. That is to say, no Easter event is planned for Tokyo Disneyland next year. You have no idea how much that surprises me, because Usatama on the Run! is not only insanely popular with guests here (including myself), but the merchandise also sold well.

None – Tanabata Days

Tanabata Days also appears to be getting the axe this year. The Tanabata events have always been lower-key, featuring a short greeting with the Disney Friends in traditional Japanese apparel, and a wishing place for Guests in both parks.

June 4 – November 1: Happy Fair with Baymax in Tomorrowland at Tokyo Disneyland

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Keeping with “The Happy Ride with Baymax”‘s naming pattern, this mini-event will featuring Big Hero 6-themed decor, food, and merchandise in Tomorrowland.

June 4 – August 26: Duffy’s Sunny Fun at Tokyo DisneySea

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The “Duffy’s Sunny Fun” mini-event at Tokyo DisneySea will return next year, where Guests can enjoy the world of Duffy and Friends enjoying a summer day on the beaches of Cape Cod. As with every Duffy event, we’ll see special food and merchandise here!

July 1 – September 2: Disney Pirates Summer at Tokyo DisneySea

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This one is good news, personally. The popular and excellent Disney Pirates Summer event will be returning next summer, returning Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa, and their rowdy pirate crew to Tokyo DisneySea for the fourth year running! There will be no summer event at Tokyo Disneyland, cutting the well-received Oh! Summer Banzai! after only one year.

September 11 – November 1: Disney Halloween at Both Parks

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After a six-month break from events at Tokyo Disneyland,  Disney Halloween will return featuring the Spooky “Boo!” Parade, special food, and merchandise! If you haven’t heard from this year, Spooky “Boo!” features the Disney Friends travelling through a ghostly version of Tokyo Disneyland! I’m incredibly glad this will return next year. The parade is so much fun!

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As for Tokyo DisneySea, Festival of Mystique will return as expected for its second year. Festival of Mystique features the Disney Friends as they try to revive the old Halloween festival at Porto Paradiso, but are tricked by Sea Witches in to bringing the port under a curse.

November 10 – December 25: Disney Christmas at Both Parks

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This one is probably the biggest disappointment of all. For the sixth year in a row, DIsney Christmas Stories will return to Tokyo Disneyland, celebrating the stories we all create together when we celebrate the holiday season.

Its Christmas Time 003 13x18 by Joshua Meyer min

Over at Tokyo DisneySea, It’s Christmas Time! will return for its third year. Usually I’d say this may also be its final year, but with the trend of keeping the same things for 4-6 years these days, I’m skeptical. As we mentioned in this year’s Christmas information, 2019 is the final year for Colors of Christmas (as it uses the Fantasmic! hat for the tree), so there will be no nighttime holiday show at Tokyo DisneySea next year.

January 1-5, 2021: New Year’s at Both Parks

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At least the New Year’s mini-event is safe at both parks for 2020-2021. This mini-event features traditional Japanese decor, special menus, and merchandise themed to the new year and an ox-like character, as 2021 is the year of the ox. There will also be a mini-greeting at both parks.

January 13 – February 14, 2021: Untitled Beauty & the Beast Event at Tokyo Disneyland

Not much information was released on this, so we’ll likely hear of it at a later date. The event will be themed to the world of Beauty and the Beast, featuring special decorations, merchandise and menu items to enhance the occasion.

January 13 – March 25, 2021: Untitled Duffy Event at Tokyo DisneySea

Not much information was released on this event either. Guests will enjoy the gentle,heartwarming world of Duffy and Friends in this program that offers a greeting show, special merchandise and menu items,as well as decorations and photo locations. Sounds like this will encompass the entire park rather than just Cape Cod.

I honestly want to know what the deal is. Are the record high attendance and sales numbers not justifying the events? Is OLC afraid of crowds at Tokyo Disneyland next year surrounding the 2020 Olympics? I’m not sure anymore, but I am sure that my faith is starting to waver in the current leadership. I hope there’s more they haven’t announced yet regarding Easter and summer at Tokyo Disneyland, because it’s been almost two decades since we saw such a slim event calendar. And even for the things we are getting, no major event will be new until at least 2021, it seems. The seasonal events are what make our parks special! What do you think of these developments? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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