PHOTOS: Souvenir Olaf Drink Clip Now Available from Select Disney Springs Locations

Frozen 2 has brought a blizzard of new merchandise and treats to Walt Disney World, and now there’s one more souvenir you can take home with you. We made our way to Disney Springs to try the new Olaf Dole Whip Slush when we spotted an Olaf light up clip available as an add on.

This glow clip is an additional $8 to add to your beverage, and you must purchase a drink to buy the clip. Getting that souvenir glow clip is starting to be pricy.

Olaf is have a bad hair, um, branch day. His hair is a little funky. He has a convenient clip on his back, so you can hook him on to more than just your drink.

The small button on the clip controls the lights, making him either change colors, or one of 7 different solid colors. It is nice that he has so many colors to him.

We purchased our Olaf clip at Marketplace Snacks, but we also spotted him down at the Daily Poutine at Disney Springs. You can also find a new Frozen 2 souvenir cup at both of these locations. Will you be adding an adorable light up Olaf to your drink order?