The frosty Olaf Dole Whip slushie

REVIEW: Olaf Dole Whip Slushie is a Delicious, Melty Mess from Marketplace Snacks

Disney has just announced a flurry of new Frozen 2 inspired treats across the parks and the resorts, with some of them already being available. We’ve tried a few of them already, but when we heard Marketplace Snacks at Disney Springs is now serving up an Olaf Dole Whip Slushie, we knew we had to try it.

The Olaf slushie combines blue raspberry icee and vanilla Dole Whip. The sign says it should come with chocolate chip buttons, but ours did not. That’s better than a one ear Yoda cone, but we still would have liked some buttons.

Some people are worth melting for, and I’m one of those people, apparently. The vanilla Dole Whip is piled high on the cup of blue raspberry slush, so as it melts, it will starts to drip over the sides.

The vanilla Dole Whip is creamy and delicious. We suggest stirring the blue raspberry slush and vanilla Dole whip together. The combination of icy slush and creamy vanilla soft serve mixed together is amazing.

This Olaf slush is $6.99 and well worth a trip to Disney Springs. If you’re not interested in a frozen Frozen 2 treat, then we suggest you head to the Contemporary for their pumpkin spiced donut tart instead.