PHOTOS: Pixarrific Food, Merch, & Entertainment Revealed for the Final Pixar Playtime at Tokyo DisneySea

Pixar has a long and complicated history with the Disney theme parks. Some things, like Toy Story Mania, are a hit! Other implementations, like Pixar Pier, are a bit of a miss. But it seems like Tokyo DisneySea has hit a pretty good niche with their Pixar Playtime event, which will enter its third and (confirmed) final year, from January 10th to March 19th! Let’s take a look at the fun offerings, including three entertainment options and a special edition of Tower of Terror!


Pixar Playtime Pals

The Pixar pals have gathered at Piazza Topolino to to play fun games with Guests! The challenge is to complete three games, each inspired by a popular Pixar film franchise! Each game centers on Toy Story, The Incredibles, or Finding Nemo. And for the first time this year, Bo Peep will join the fun, after her appearance in Toy Story 4! When all the games are completed, even more Pixar pals show up and have fun with the Guests! The show’s finale also features colorful balloons with motifs of the Pixar pals! This show takes place 2-3 times daily in front of Mediterranean Harbor. Unlike other harbor shows, this show does not have secondary stages at Lido Isle and Zambini Brothers.

Lightning McQueen Victory Lap

The world-famous Piston Cup racer Lightning McQueen is taking a victory lap around the American Waterfront! Select Guests can even be chosen by Cast Members to join in the procession, featuring fun dance moves and checkered flags! This event takes place 2-4 times per day, and is fun both to watch and participate!

Chef Remy & You!

A pop-up of the popular French restaurant La Ratatouille is returning to Mediterranean Harbor. The chefs-in-training make their appearance and take orders from the Guests. But, when they try to prepare the special full-course meal for the day, they don’t quite succeed. Just when things look bad, Remy appears and asks for help from Guests to “cook” together, producing a special meal with the chefs-in-training! This is a cute little show that takes place in front of Zambini Brothers Ristorante around 2-4 times per day.

Pixar Pals Steamer

Specially-decorated versions of the DisneySea Transit Steamer set sail around the park featuring characters from Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. to greet Guests across the park!

Tokyo DisneySea Maritime Band

The Tokyo DisneySea Maritime Band will appear in special outfits at Waterfront Park and play a Pixar-themed set.

Tower of Terror Ultimate

For the slower winter season, a special version of Tower of Terror is implemented to attract Guests to the parks! The main differences are the addition of 7 drops, with multiple possible drop sequences, and a couple of scene changes! Our Tower of Terror is fairly tame, so this version brings it a bit more in line with the domestic and Paris versions!


Adorable Pixar decorations will turn parts of Tokyo DisneySea into a giant board game. There’s even a giant Luxo Jr. ball at the center of Waterfront Park!

A special decorative item will also adorn the main entrance of Tokyo DisneySea!


Featuring designs reminiscent of Luxo Jr., Lightning McQueen, and a board game, there will be around 105 special merchandise items coming to Tokyo DisneySea! There’s sweaters, Luxo ball ears, a racing jacket, and other adorable Pixar-themed items! All merchandise will be available starting January 9th.


Lots of delicious food items coming to Tokyo DisneySea! Around 20 special menu items, in fact! Horizon Bay Restaurant will serve special sets themed to Finding Nemo, including a meat patty, as well as roll cakes inspired by Dory.

Over at Vulcania, we’ll see a special set featuring a Mike Wazowski custard bun for dessert!

Last year, we saw a Mike Wazowski cookie sandwich (which is still available, just at Plazma Ray’s at Tokyo Disneyland) for Pixar Playtime. Looks like this year, the cookie sandwich will return themed to Lotso Huggin’ Bear from Toy Story 3! All food items will be available January 9th.

Disney Resort Line

At all four Disney Resort Line stations, a special Pixar Playtime souvenir day pass will be available for purchase!

Winter 2020 looks like an exciting time at Tokyo Disney Resort! Tokyo Disneyland will be offering the nostalgic Very Very Minnie event, and the Pixar Playtime event is coming back one more time! I’m so excited for these events! Both Very Very Minnie and Pixar Playtime will take place from January 10th to March 19th! This is your last (and only) chance to catch these events! What are your thoughts? Are you visiting Tokyo Disney Resort for these? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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