epcot forever fireworks
A performance of the new Epcot Forever nighttime spectacular was cancelled earlier this week due to technical difficulties

Last Night’s Showing of Epcot Forever Canceled Due to Technical Difficulties at Walt Disney World

Another day, another “technical difficulty” at Walt Disney World for a new offering. Last night’s Epcot Forever performance, scheduled for 9 PM, was finally canceled at around 10:45 PM due to Epcot being open until 11 PM for Extra Magic Hours.

epcot forever fireworks

No specific reason for the cancellation was given, but the show was delayed by almost two hours before being canceled. Guests at the park described that the torches that surround World Showcase Lagoon never went on at 8:30 PM, and neither did the pre-show music.

There is no word if the cancellation of yesterday’s performance means anything for the upcoming planned performances. Epcot Forever debuted October 1, 2019, with new pyrotechnics and light-up kites as a temporary show before HarmonioUS debuts in Spring/Summer of 2020.

This isn’t the first technical difficulty for a new offering to hit Walt Disney World recently, as there was an accident on the Disney Skyliner this past weekend.

Stay tuned to WDWNT for updates on this story and many more.

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  1. They should just hand over control of the American parks to the Japanese since clearly they care enough to maintain and not over promise just to budget cut thus resulting in garbage and ruined vacations especially when for some people it is a rare/once in a lifetime trip. Nothing but 🐂💩 management.

  2. It seems as if they’re rushing to get things out to the public without doing their due diligence…. but that’s none of my business

    1. If you own stock it is your business. If you own mutual fund holding Disney stock it is your business. If your a Disney fan and proud of the excellence of the last nearly 60 years of Disney theme parks it is your business.

  3. I’d love to know why they’ve dropped the salute barrage at the end (the cluster of loud bangs in the last second), it was in the premiere, but seemed to be dropped on day 2. Too loud for nearby hotel guests?

    1. I doubt it, Illuminations’ finale was pretty darn loud you could hear it from a good distance outside of the park, and it ran for 20 years. Maybe this was the “technical difficulty” that needs fixing?

  4. Question: Why not keep the original show going until the new show is ready? No sense spending time and money on two new shows, one of which expected to be temporary.

    1. Presumably because the replacement temporary show still saves them money over running ROE even longer. Or may they figured a little extra fan service would quiet some folks about all the historic offerings going away. But it’s probably the first thing. Money speaks loudly, and it seems to bang its fist at the end of September every year.

      1. Saves money to repurpose illuminations stuff ready it for Harmonious while Epcot Forever gives them time to do it.

    2. Actually they are repurposing Illuminations stuff for Harmonious. If Epcot Forever wasn’t running Epcot would be without fireworks for almost a year.

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