PHOTOS, VIDEO: Spooky Pargo Parade featuring Tower of Terror at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

Greetings and happy Halloween from Disney’s All-Star Music Resort. We’ve stopped in to see their Halloween Spooky Pargo Parade today and share all the fun with you!

Check out these Boo-tiful creations!

Recreation has created a spooky pumpkin patch.

Ghosts are haunting this Pargo. Keep out.

The UPS truck is coming through with tricks and treats!

Looks like the ghosts of food courts past have dropped in on this Tower of Terror themed vehicle.

The Mickey Popcorn Pargo is so cute. The balloons and tissue paper is a great idea to create pieces of popcorn.

The final Pargo in the parade rolled up covered in black, orange, and purple decorations, complete with skeletons.

If you enjoyed looking at some of the details on the Pargos, be sure to check out our video below to see them in action.