REVIEW: Maleficent Mistress of Evil Character Icon Cupcake from All-Star Music is Just Wicked

Maleficent is known as the Mistress of Evil, which might explain why this new cupcake from All-Star Music is so wicked. While visiting the resort, we spotted a new character icon cupcake in the bakery case, themed to Maleficent. Maybe this cupcake isn’t truly bad, but just a little misunderstood.

The All-Star Music Resort does an excellent job of creating these themed character cupcakes with very simple frosting and decorations. This chocolate cupcake is topped by green and purple buttercream with two distinct chocolate horns. There is no denying this is Maleficent!

Our horns have started to droop in the Florida heat, so it wasn’t long before we cut into this one. Prince Phillip would be proud. The chocolate cake is filled with a chocolate ganache in the center. It’s actually a thick glob of ganache, so you may risk taking the whole chunk in one bite if you’re not careful.

The chocolate ganache is very powerful, just like Maleficent. The flavor was actually too strong to be enjoyable. The chocolate cake is good and the buttercream frosting is pretty standard, but the center just doesn’t work for us. If you removed the center, the cupcake would be pretty good, but also pretty plain. This is a huge improvement from just piping more frosting into the center, but the chocolate ganache is still too much.

If you like the darker, richer desserts, then you may want to give this Mistress of Evil cupcake a try. You can find this dessert for $5.99 from the All-Star Music Intermission Food Court. Will you be trying this Maleficent cupcake before it flies away?

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