REVIEW: New Coca-Cola Brownie Tastes Like The Real Thing at The Coca-Cola Rooftop Tasting Bar in Disney Springs

We’re back at the Coca-Cola Rooftop Tasting Bar in Disney Springs, but we aren’t here for Beverly (because we secretly miss Club Cool already.) We aren’t even here for a drink. We’re actually here for… a brownie.

Did you know that the Coca-Cola Store & Rooftop Bar carries Coca-Cola brownies, straight from the Coca-Cola factory? You can purchase them individually for $4.00 or with a 24oz Freestyle Fountain Beverage or 11.5oz bottle of Fairlife Milk for $6.00. (Because of course, what’d pair better with a soda-based brownie than more soda?)

If you’re curious, the Drink of the Month is the Fanta-ween Punch for $10.00. It comes with Fanta Orange, Simply Orange, Evan Williams Peach Whiskey, and whipped cream.

But we aren’t here for the Fanta-ween Punch, are we? The Coca-Cola brownies are kept chilled in this refrigerator by the registers.

The brownie comes pre-packaged in plastic wrap, with Coca-Cola Store and gold foil Coca-Cola Brownie stickers on it.

You can see it comes in layers, with a deep chocolate layer at the bottom, and a thick layer of Coca-Cola frosting on top.

Since it is pre-packaged, it does have a nutrition label with all of the ingredients. It’s cool that this is a Coca-Cola exclusive.

After carefully unwrapping it, we got to try it and found that it absolutely tastes like Coca-Cola. The brownie base tastes of fudgey chocolate, with a slight Coca-Cola aftertaste, but it’s that frosting on top that really takes this over the edge.

That’s because the frosting tastes just like the foam on top of a freshly-poured Coke. I’d liken it to the very first sip of Coca-Cola, if you will.

If you’re a fan of the classic soft drink or of the brand’s history (I know Disney and Coca-Cola fandoms tend to overlap), this is a neat, affordable snack you have to try. It’s the closest you’ll ever come to eating Coca-Cola… pair it with some milk and you’ve got yourself a reverse, deconstructed float.

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