PHOTOS: Coca-Cola Store & Rooftop Tasting Bar Open at Disney Springs

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Earlier today, the Coca-Cola Store opened on the West Side of Disney Springs, located at the border between the area and Town Center, just steps from the Orange parking garage.


Coca‑Cola Store Orlando is modeled after a 1920s Coca‑Cola bottling plant. Celebrating the history of Coca-Cola, the inviting brick exterior gives a nod to the brand’s heritage while the glass-accented entry pays tribute to the iconic Coca‑Cola green glass bottle.


Stickers were being given out upon entry.



Inside, guests are welcomed by a 30-foot-wide blown-glass chandelier crafted from repurposed Coca‑Cola bottles. The store – one of only three retail locations operated by The Coca‑Cola Company in the United States – features a broad assortment of Coca-Cola branded merchandise. A line of sustainable fashion apparel and other handmade items crafted from recycled materials showcase the 5by20 collection – an array of items created by women artisans from around the world.


There are two fairly large floors of shopping for guests to enjoy.


Plenty of Orlando-exclusive merchandise is available, including a special wrapped bottle.


The hot item today was a special grand opening silver bottle that was limited to only 500 pieces.



The ramp that goes around the outside of the store offers pleasant views of the surrounding West Side area. Elevators are also available.




Guests can visit the rooftop beverage bar and taste an ice-cold Coca‑Cola while taking in the sights of Disney Springs. For the ultimate Coke experience, guests can choose from a variety of Coca‑Cola brands from around the world such as the infamous Beverly from Italy and Thums Up from India, frozen beverages and over 100 drink choices via Coca‑Cola Freestyle. A selection of specialty adult beverages will be available in the evenings beginning July 8th.




The most interesting part of the menu to me was the Taste of the World. An International tray of 16 drinks is available for $8.00, a float tray for $8.50, and you can get both for a discount at just $14.00.


This is a lot for $14.00 in my opinion, and something fairly unique and family friendly. There is a lot of alcohol at Disney Springs, and I enjoy a drink as much as the next person, but it’s nice to see something special that can also cater to those who maybe can’t have or do not enjoy such drinks.


The floats were all fantastic, made with Haagen Daaz ice cream.


They come in Pibb Xtra, Barq’s Rootbeer, Barq’s Red creme, Fanta Orange, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fantas Grape, and Cherry Coke flavors. There really wasn’t even one of these I didn’t enjoy.



The sodas are akin to a paid trip to Club Cool at Epcot, however, you get a much greater variety here, 16 in total.


The soda flight comes with a booklet to help you identify the flavors, a nice touch.



Just like at Club Cool, you are bound to like some and hate others, and probably argue with the rest of your party about what’s good and what isn’t. It’s the fun of such an experience and I think overall it’s worth $8.00 alone, most certainly worth $14.00 for the full sampler with floats. It’s also a pretty pleasant place to enjoy such an experience as the rooftop bar offers fantastic views of Disney Springs.


They even have cans of Surge…

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