BREAKING: Disney Testing Automated PhotoPass Cameras at Non-Attraction Locations

Disney is currently testing the use of installed, stationary cameras activated by guests at non-attraction locations around the Magic Kingdom. What does that mean? Well, it means guests are able to stand in front of a stationary camera, activate the camera to take their photo, and then link it to their MyDisneyExperience/PhotoPass account just as they would when interacting with a PhotoPass photographer in the parks.


The test is currently taking place in front of Rapunzel’s Tower at the Magic Kingdom, but will move to the Sword in the Stone in Fantasyland in a few days. Cast members will be helping guests test the new system during this period, and all participating guests will receive a free photo download as a thank you for helping with the test.

The use of such a system would eliminate the need for a PhotoPass photographer at these locations, but would be helpful for times when a PhotoPass photographer would not be staffed at such a location anyway. The system would require the permanant infrastructure of an installed, stationary camera which would remain in place at all times.

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  1. This is a failure and I’ll tell you why, if they do install cameras the lens or plexiglass they use to protect the lens will become so scratched it’ll be shooting worthless photos. It would always have to be staffed to prevent damage.

  2. Ah Disney, always looking to cut costs on your end while making a buck off of us. How about using the magic band technology to improve our experience, not complicate it with more gadgets that may or may not work.

  3. I don’t like this idea at all. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Instead of putting a camera there why not just leave the photographer there! That’s just taking away jobs from cast members that probably need that money.

      1. It’s not taking money away from Cast Members.
        They have specific locations that they go to and only so many photographers that they can hire for the department. The photographers are put where the photos make money. If a location isn’t going to make enough money there isn’t a reason, from a business standpoint, to have a photographer stand there all day. The stand alone cameras were discussed about 10 years ago, but not tested in the park as far as I can remember.
        It’s a little different now because so many people automatically receive the CD through whatever the package is instead of just buying photos in the parks or online at home. It’s more likely they are testing this as a guest satisfier as opposed to having a photographer staffed there that could do more creative shoots to make more money.

  4. I think it’s a fantastic idea! I’d like to get in the photo with my family, and there are lots of great photo places they don’t have photographers.

  5. Disney gets ripped for everything they do.
    But why shouldn’t they give this a try?
    If it doesn’t work they’ll move on.

    I seriously doubt this will have a serious negative effect and anybody’s vacation, or the greater Orlando unemployment rate.

    My God, people complain & whine about anything little thing they can find.

  6. Universal Studios have had something similar for a very long time in front of the Jeep in the Jurassic Park area.

    If it works why shouldn’t Disney add it? If I am spending $169 on Memory Maker I would want to get as many photos as possible.

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