REVIEW: New Poison Apple Mousse is a Wickedly Good Halloween Treat from Trolley Car Cafe at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

There’s another new Halloween treat here at Walt Disney World, and it looks wicked. Trolley Car Cafe, the Starbucks location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, has debuted a new Poison Apple Mousse just in time for fall. We can’t say no to something that looks so sinful, so of course, we had to give this one a try.

This poison apple has a shiny, glossy black coating on the outside. Inside, there’s chocolate mousse, caramel mousse, and apple pieces layered together. The outer layer will turn everything black, so proceed with caution. This mousse apple has a tiny chocolate stem and orange-colored white chocolate Mickey on top for decoration. The entire thing sits on a cookie base, covered in chocolate cookie crumbs.

When we cut into it, we could clearly distinguish the chocolate, caramel, and apple layers. The center was nice chunks of apple, but they were very basic, no spice to them or anything like that. The caramel mousse was amazing, and the chocolate mousse was pretty good, too. The layer on the outside keeps the whole thing together, but doesn’t have too much of a taste to it.

The cookie base of the dessert was really good and complimented the chocolate mousse on top. It tasted a little bit like a sugar cookie with a very light chocolate coating. The whole thing tasted like a chocolate tart, with a very creative presentation. Besides the black food coloring stains, we really enjoyed this poison apple mousse.

It’s a little small for $5.29, but it does count as a snack on the Disney Dining Plan. If you like chocolate mousse and apple filing, this Poison Apple Mousse is a rich little treat that can’t be missed.