REVIEW: New Pumpkin Churros with Cream Cheese Frosting Arrive for the Season at Sunshine Churros in Disney Springs

WonderFall Flavors of Disney Springs has been around for a few weeks, with many restaurants and locations adding seasonal Fall items to their menus. We’ve been waiting for one particular item to show up, and it has finally arrived! Sunshine Churros now has their Pumpkin Churro available and it was well worth the wait.

We’ve tried every churro these stands have to offer, so we just might consider ourselves snack experts. This Pumpkin Churro is really delicious. It’s $6.25, and comes served with a cream cheese frosting for dipping.

To be honest, there isn’t too much of a pumpkin taste, so if you’re one of those negative, anti-pumpkin spice people, you should probably give this one a try. It really has a stronger caramel and cinnamon taste to it, rather than pumpkin. The cream cheese frosting is what seals the deal for us, though. The strawberry shortcake churro was one of our favorites because of the dip, and this one is another winner. These churros are delicious, and well worth a trip to Disney Springs. These are nothing like the awful rock-like churros you find in the parks.

Even if this doesn’t have too much of a pumpkin spice taste, we really loved it and are looking forward to another visit to Sunshine Churros soon. Between the amazing Charcuterie Pretzel at Hangar Bar, the Maple Pecan Bourbon Hot Ganache with Bacon from the Ganachery, and this churro, we will be spending a lot of free time eating at Disney Springs this fall. Sunshine Churros has two locations at Disney Springs, and can be found across from World of Disney and across from DisneyStyle. Happy pumpkin spice season!