Disney Vacation Club Potentially Raising Prices on Thirteen “Sold Out” Properties

According to DVCNews, Disney Vacation Club is planning on raising prices thirteen of its sold-out properties. Despite limited advertising of these “sold-out” resorts, buyers can occasionally find points to buy at these resorts.

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Prices will rise between $5 and $20 per point at the sold-out resorts, based on the resort. For example, Saratoga Springs would raise by $5 per point whereas the Grand Californian would raise by $20 per point.

Other sources state that the per point price increase could reach $50 at some resorts. Disney occasionally acquires points at these sold-out resorts via right of first refusal or point transfers and foreclosures.

No formal announcement has been made at this time, but the new price per point charts are expected to come out by the end of the month.

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  1. Would someone please explain why people who visit Walt Disney World / Disneyland and enjoy it so much, decide purchasing, at a higher cost than visiting a resort, a time share that is less themed than the actual property, often worse locations, have worse booking options than regular resort guests, and then have to continue to pay high fees to keep the time share that is horribly complicated to get out of?? If anyone just runs the numbers, you can book a long trip at club level, with two or three short trips a year, for LESS money than these high priced DVC offerings.

    • Not sure why. We “rented” points to stay at Old Key West, Disney’s first DVC property, in a studio for 6 nights earlier this month. Then went to Pop Century for 3 nights. The two were not that different, and Pop was actually a few dollars more per night. Yes, the OKW room was larger but it’s odd shape meant the TV wasn’t very viewable from one bed unless you turned it at an angle, and in fact it didn’t work at all. The OKW bathroom was slightly larger but didn’t have a separation between areas, so basically a toss-up between it and Pop’s depending upon your priorities. The OKW balcony was nice but tiny. Pop had an elevator, OKW had stairs. Pop had daily maid service; OKW every few days which made it necessary to call to get replacement towels and coffee packets. OKW was much less crowded, but the buses ran infrequently (once almost an hour apart) and caused us to miss extra extra magic hours rope drop several times. Buses were less crowded at OKW, but their big advantage over Pop was they were much closer to the Park entrances so less walking arriving and leaving. Olivia’s was of course far better than the Pop or Art of Animation food courts, but at a higher price and the lack of a true counter service restaurant at OKW was a big negative for us. Only made minor use of the microwave and not the toaster at OKW, but for some people those would be a big plus since Pop has neither. Everyone said we’d be let down when we moved from OKW to Pop, but the difference wasn’t that great.
      TL;DR summary: I wouldn’t pay full price for OKW.

      • I agree weve always stayed at a moderate resort, weve also stayed at the Tree houses and the wilderness cabins. We’re the reason why Disney prices keep going up. Being a yearly visitor, an staying for a week with full parkhopper plus passes, this last trip finished me… the nickel and diming for EVERYTHING is /has made me see that our once favorite Vacation spot was not enjoyable any more. I have an always had wanderlust, just this year 2019 I’ve spent a week in Oregon’s mt Hood an Lincon beach, pigeon Forge Tennessee, Pt Plesant beach NJ ,Stone Mt Ga, an the years not over. But I’m taking Disney off my favorites list, low Crowds NO MORE, Disney has a scam for that…sell early entry tickets so even if you are staying at a resort outsiders can get in also, making it not so Special. An I agree, this year is the first time we Ever in 30 years stayed at a value resort…I saw No difference between value an moderate resort… later Disney!!!!

    • It really depends on how you use it. Here’s a great example: in 2016, we took 2 trips. One during Flower & Garden Festival and one during Food & Wine. They were 11 days and 10 days long. We stayed in a studio (like a standard hotel room, plus a kitchenette). We pay $210 a month in dues. The initial cost was paid for a long time ago. So, for 2016, we stayed 21 days for $2520, at Saratoga, just across from Downtown Disney with excellent dining. We walked, and we had a view across the lake.

      Last year, we chose to just do about 10 days, but had a bedroom, living room, and full kitchen.

      We’ve never had to change our preferred dates due to lack of availability. Just don’t fail to plan in advance.

      Regarding theming, I suspect you’ve not visited all the DVC properties. Many are part of the same themed resorts you mention. Most others are still pretty nicely themed.

      Someone below mentioned towel service. You can pre-arrange to get it more often ($), but really, who needs towels that often? I prefer to be left alone! DVC is more like staying at a vacation rental than a hotel room – which many people like.

      As for staying multiple times a year at club level for less, good luck with that. We used to stay exclusively at the Yacht Club. We paid way more than we do at DVC, especially because of the Epcot festivals. And that snack and drink you get aren’t worth much. We enjoy having what we want, at supermarket and liquor store prices, at arms reach for our 21 days. It takes 45 minutes to stop on the way from the airport.

      Regarding buses – sorry, but we don’t go to Disney to spend time on busses. We usually pay about $250 for a car. $25 a day. Let’s say you take a bus just 4 times a day. You wait 15 minutes each time, plus a half hour driving around and dropping off. That’s 3 hours. Let’s say that’s high and it’s only 2 hours a day. Is 2 hours, plus the frustration and rigidity really worth it? Plus, we can go other places and do other things. Want to eat at another resort? Have fun with the busses. Off property? Nope.

      I hope that answered your question.

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