Disney+ Launch Day Glitches Attributed to Coding Errors, Recoding Underway to Resolve Issues

Thanks to the Code Media 2019 Conference, we now know more about the issues that plagued Disney+ on launch day and still affect the app right now. According to Kevin Mayer, Disney’s Chairman of Direct-to-Consumer and International, the issues can be attributed to certain coding issues.

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Diving deeper into the coding issues, the issues with the app can be can best be described by Mayer himself:

“It’s literally one part of the tech stack that we use in a certain way that we should use another way. It had to do with a way we architected a piece of the app… As prolific as BAMTech has been, we’ve never had demand like we saw that day and what we’re continuing to see. There were some limits to the architecture that we had in place were made apparent to us that weren’t before. It was a coding issue and we are going to recode it.”

These limitations to the app architecture described by Mayer are most likely related to the more than 10 million that signed up for Disney+ in the first 24 hours. Mayer did not announce when the code fix would be implemented into Disney+.

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You can watch the snippet from Kevin Mayer’s interview here: