Disney+ Launch Suffering from System Outages, User Login Errors, and Long Wait Times For Customer Support; Disney Releases Official Statement

Jessica Figueroa

Disney+ Launch Suffering from System Outages, User Login Errors, and Long Wait Times For Customer Support; Disney Releases Official Statement

Jessica Figueroa

Disney+ Launch Suffering from System Outages, User Login Errors, and Long Wait Times For Customer Support; Disney Releases Official Statement

If you’re one of the many Disney+ subscribers who encountered issues this morning upon attempting to log in or access the content library for the streaming service, you aren’t alone. In fact, thousands of users and subscribers have taken to social media to voice their complaints regarding issues with the app and website.

ralph error code disney

Despite attempting to log on using a secure connection, many have been repeatedly faced with this error code of Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope stating that there was an issue connecting to the Disney+ service. Other subscribers can’t even seem to log in. Many assumed that the Disney+ website and app would be linked to people’s main Disney accounts, but it appears that some users have had to set up a new login and password just for the service, leading to much confusion (and superfluous new accounts.)

disney error message

Even once you manage to get in, trying to reach the home page or content library can lead to other new error codes…

disney user error codes prompts 2 disney user error codes prompts 3 disney user error codes prompts 4 disney user error codes prompts 5 disney user error codes prompts 6 disney user error codes prompts 1

Subscribers are experiencing error codes regardless of what device or operating system they attempt to log in from. (This large collection of various error codes was sourced completely from WDWNT staff alone.)

disney help chat

According to reports from CNBC, As of 7:00 a.m. EST, there were roughly 7,300 reports of problems with Disney+, according to Downdetector, a website where users can report problems on apps and websites. If you’re looking to chat with a live support agent, wait times of up to 30 minutes have been reported.

Users from other regions of the United States like Puerto Rico have been receiving error messages that state, “Disney+ is only available in certain regions. Depending on where you are located, you may not be able to access Disney+.” Originally slated to launch with full availability in the United States, the Puerto Rico launch has now been delayed to November 19th. Many users based in Canada have also reported receiving the same error message.


An official statement from Disney claims that the “consumer demand for Disney+ has exceeded our high expectations.” Disney was well aware of the estimated subscriber count and even purchased a majority of ownership in BAMTech Media back in 2017 when the streaming service was initially announced in order to boost their streaming capabilities.

We were able to log in successfully earlier this morning (like, 3:00 AM early) and bring you our first review of “The Imagineering Story” and “Noelle”, but we’ve also been experiencing multiple issues logging in since the surge of app crashes. We’ll keep you updated on the status of Disney+ as the remainder of its launch day plays out.

28 thoughts on “Disney+ Launch Suffering from System Outages, User Login Errors, and Long Wait Times For Customer Support; Disney Releases Official Statement”

  1. Couldn’t even find it as an available app on the SmartTV this morning and we only got that TV in 2016. Waiting to see if the problems get fixed by weekend.

    • Why all the negative votes? I don’t mean that I’ll cancel the service; just hoping it’ll work on the TV (so far it’s still not there). We have a way to connect the desktop computer to the TV through the wall anyway and stream things to the TV that way. Still positive, people!

    • You will probably have to upgrade the software on your TV to add new apps. It should be an easy process. Look for a “Settings” link on the menu.

  2. got home from work at 9 am, downloaded the Disney+ app to my Samsung tv and started watching The Mandalorian.
    sound was out of sync and was very annoying. I just racked it up to “must be a million people trying to log in and watch the same as me.”
    hopefully I can watch at least one episode of The Mandalorian before I have top go to bed. :)

  3. Well, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. I hope this isn’t the Galaxy’s Edge of streaming channels. I haven’t gotten home yet to try it yet but I’m optimistic the problems will be resolved by this evening. But in all honesty, they’ve advertised the heck out of this think you think they’d scale it appropriately.

  4. I guess I’ve been lucky. I downloaded the app with no issue on my Roku device and logged in on first try and have watched several programs already. So far I LOVE IT!!

  5. I’ve had zero problems with Disney + and am very happy with it. Even if there are a few issues on opening day what do people expect? It’s brand new and there may be some growing pains.

  6. I signed up today and started watching without any real problems. The only hiccup was that it didn’t want to let me change my icon for my profile– but when I tried again 15 minutes later it let me. I’ve had no problems since. I’m visiting family so I’m using their PlayStation until I go home where my husband said it’s on our Samsung TV.

    • 3.5hrs for chat rep & got booted, 2.5hrs this morning to speak to a person & 3 hrs to speak to a person again this evening and my issue still isn’t resolved. It’s been escalated. Oh, and I paid for it back in September.

  7. We downloaded the app today and began watching Guardians of the Galaxy. The picture was/is terrible-so dark you can’t see anything! Hopefully Disney fixes this also.

  8. First had the connection errors, now the sound doesn’t want to sync up. Had to go in and out of the Mandalorian a couple times then it synced up.

  9. A lot – not all, but a lot – of the issues people were complaining about had to do with their own ISP and its inability to stream HD content. Other issues, granted, had to do with the apps Disney pushed out at the last minute. They could have learned a lesson from Apple by having the apps available a few weeks before launch.

  10. No issues for me. I was able to download on my iPhone and kindle fire and watch with no issues. I actually thought the quality was excellent. Now if I could just find some free time to watch more!!

  11. Still unable to connect on any device. And was on hold on the phone over an hour and finally gave up. Playstation message says can not connect try again later. TV message says unable to verify location.

    • Still can’t after almost a week and called and did the prompt for them to call back last night. And so far no callback.

  12. I’m one of the users that cannot login, for 4 days now. Sat on the phone for 3 hours the first day and the rep basically said “we know there’s a problem and we’re trying to fix it”. Which in the end is “you’re screwed and I’m not actively going to try to fix your problem”. I’ve reset my password 1/2 a dozen times from both the Disney+ site and DisneyWorld.com and it just doesn’t work. The chat window times out after 7 hours of a whole lotta nothing. Email help > no response and now the tile is inactive. I’ve tweeted Disney + help with screenshots of the browser console error “Account Blocked”. All with the end result of me having payed 140 bucks for 3 years and still haven’t even successfully logged into the application on any medium whatsoever.

    Frankly it was easier to change my Galaxy’s Edge reservation during opening week in Disneyland than this lovely PITA.

  13. I had no problems. I bought a new Roku box and set it all up in the afternoon. With a new service and a reported 10,000,000 users, I was expecting problems, but I was impressed at how easy it all was and how incredible the program selection is. As a D23 member, I got the service for $149 (three years paid in advance) which I consider a great deal. I am looking forward to watching the classic Disney films that I haven’t seen in many years, as well as the newest Marvel and Star Wars films.

  14. I am still unable to log on since I created my account yesterday around 5pm Mountain time. I have tried calling the costumer service many times and am currently still waiting on a call I made 51 minutes ago.

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