Traditions are passed down from generations to generations, but who’s to say new traditions can’t be made! The Disney+ original family Christmas comedy “Noelle” explores just that. I love a good Christmas movie! I’ve been excited for “Noelle” for a bit now and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

When Santa’s son Nick (Bill Hader) is up next to wear the red suit, he takes a few days off after advice from his younger sister Noelle (Ana Kendrick). After getting cold feet Nick decides its best he stays, which forces the next Kringle, cousin Gabriel (Billy Eichner) to step up despite his non traditional tech centered ways. It’s up to Noelle to spread her Christmas cheer and get her brother back to The North Pole in time for Christmas!

“Noelle” takes the typical “out of place” plot like Elf (2003), A Year Without A Santa Claus (1974), and Miracle On 34th Street (1947) but still makes it enjoyable to watch all over again. Ana Kendrick is likable as Noelle and it’s great to see her play such a quirky individual that fits into the story of the film. Bill Hader’s Nick was also a likable character, but I don’t see audiences connecting with him they way they will with Noelle. The addition of Shirley MacLaine, Julie Hagerty, Kingsley Ben-Adir and even Ron Funches to the ensemble cast was very enjoyable. The chemistry and the fun between the actors can be seen on screen. 

One thing I noticed is that there was a lot of product placement in this movie. If it’s not from Disney themselves, it’s from other big companies like Apple and Google. I will say though, it never took me out of the story. It may have actually worked well to make the film feel like it actually takes place in our world.

There’s a running gag about an iPad throughout the movie, and honestly, I laughed every time. Keep your eyes peeled for appearances by Pinocchio, Duffy the Disney Bear and ShellieMay, as well as some hidden (OK, not so hidden) Mickeys throughout the film.

All in all, Noelle was an enjoyable, feel-good Disney Christmas movie that I would happily watch again! Noelle, just like the viewers, learn that Christmas isn’t always about the presents under the tree. It’s about the ones you love and the love you bring to others and yourself.

Noelle is out now on Disney+! Let us know what you thought of the film down below.

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