Five Questions to Ask a Travel Agent

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We all know that a trip to Disney involves a lot of planning. Often times, people will enlist the services of a travel agent to assist with the process. But – how do you choose which one?

Selecting a travel agent is probably the most overlooked part of the process of planning a trip. Travel agents can be a huge asset to you while planning ANY trip – but especially with the ins and outs of Disney! I have talked to far too many people who are unhappy with their agent and need help. That is why the questions you ask are so important.

With that in mind, here are five questions for you to ask when talking to a travel agent about assisting with an upcoming trip.

1. Do you reserve dining and Fastpasses?

  • While all travel agents whose agency has a relationship with Disney are able to book your hotel and tickets, not all agencies offer the full services of booking your dining reservations and Fastpasses at no additional cost to you. The agents at Never Grow Up Vacations WILL book both your dining and Fastpasses for you! So what happens if you want to do it yourself? Never a problem. You are welcome to do as much or as little of the planning as you wish.

2. When was your most recent trip?

  • One thing is constant with Disney – change! It takes personal experience to know the ins and outs of getting around Disney property, where things are located relative to each other, and the best new things to see, do and taste! Never Grow Up Vacations has agents visiting Disney property all the time, so they have all of the most up-to-date information on the new attractions, changed experiences, festival fun and even construction updates at both the parks and resorts.

3. Do you monitor and automatically apply promotions?

  • When Disney releases a promotion, it can save you money on your vacation. However, there are a lot of specific details and requirements to each of the offers, and the number of rooms available for the promotion are limited. If you are not aware of an offer, or if your agent does not do this, you could miss out. The agents at Never Grow Up Vacations will explain the offers to you if your current reservation does not meet the requirements. They will also compare pricing to get you the best possible price. They will also do the legwork for you, sitting on hold for sometimes long periods of time so that you don’t have to. And while Never Grow Up Vacations cannot guarantee that a promotion can be applied, the agents are constantly checking for new availability even after release day – all to save you money.

4. Do you charge any fees?

  • While many agents and agencies do not charge additional fees, some do. Some will charge a fee to book dining and Fastpasses. Others will charge you fees for any changes you make after booking. Some agencies also have a mandatory charge to get you a price on your package which is applied to the cost of your package, but not until final payment. Knowing how an agency works is important as it can affect the service you receive and how much you pay. Never Grow Up Vacations does not charge fees or require the so-called “pay to book” costs. We work to get the vacation package that you want that is within your budget.

5. Are you available during my trip?

  • Let’s face it – things happen when you travel. Kids get sick, luggage gets lost, flights get canceled, life happens. If you need help, do you have someone who can assist you with what you need, when you need it? Some agents only work during set hours, and life does not always follow that schedule. The agents at Never Grow Up Vacations will assist you with things before you even know there is an issue! How is that for peace of mind?

Travel agencies all receive the same prices through Disney. All agents get a commission through Disney that is included in the cost of your trip, whether you use an agent or not. Your trip is paying the agent you select for their time and the things that they do for you. We all want the best value for our vacation dollar, so the investment of time in talking with an agent can save you a lot of headaches down the road when you find out that they don’t offer services that you thought they did.

Want a quick reference to these questions? Save the infographic below or get in touch with Never Grow Up Vacations today.

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