PHOTOS: New Anna and Elsa “Frozen 2” Kids Costumes Arrive at Walt Disney World


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PHOTOS: New Anna and Elsa “Frozen 2” Kids Costumes Arrive at Walt Disney World


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PHOTOS: New Anna and Elsa “Frozen 2” Kids Costumes Arrive at Walt Disney World

With the release of Frozen 2, and the change of the character costumes for Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus Meet & Greet, there are new matching children’s costumes available. Your little princess can dress up as Anna or Elsa in these adorable new costumes, which are full of remarkable details.

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Elsa “Frozen 2” Costume $89.99

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First up, we have Elsa, and I’m loving the comfort aspect but also attention to detail of this costume! The cape can snap on or off and there’s cute matching leggings to wear underneath the split front skirt.

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The attention to detail is evident of quality for this piece. Embroidered icy toned blue and violet fractile diamond patterns and crystals on the bodice add to the magic of Elsa’s character costume. The sheer 3/4 sleeves with snowflake pattern is reminiscent of her first famous blue dress.

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Anna “Frozen 2” Child’s Costume – $119.99

Next we have Anna, and honestly, this costume really brings out the bells and whistles in all the details. With its embroidered detachable royal purple satin lined blue velvet cape, for starters.

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The embroidery on the back of the skirt matches the cape design in gold thread. The underskirt is a pleated sheer fabric fit for a princess attached to a black velvet 3/4 sleeve bodice. Buttons adorning the shoulders, belt, and upper bodice are all themed perfectly to the Arendelle princesses.

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These can be found in The Fjording Shop at the Norway Pavilion in EPCOT . What do you think of these new children costumes for Frozen 2? Could be a great holiday gift for your princess! Tell me what you love about them in comments below. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Do you think these will become available on the website? My daughter really wants that Elsa dress.

  2. Hi, my daughter wants that Elsa costume. Do you think these will be available on the Disney Store in NY in Times Square? I really appreciate your answer. Thank you for your post

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