PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 11/1/19 (Animals with Pumpkins, Christmas Trees and Santa-Saurus, RIP The Great Movie Ride, and More)

Jambo from Disney’s Animal Kingdom! We’ve got the best of both worlds today with animals celebrating Halloween and Christmas decorations going up around the park. Let’s take a look at some of the animals around the park first.

We made our way down Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail this morning to find several animals enjoying carved pumpkins. The Black and White Colobus Monkeys were our first stop, and they were loving the pumpkin snack. One little monkey was eating a pumpkin, then excitedly swinging around the enclosure, and returning for more pumpkin. We were told it was her first Halloween eating solid food, so this was her first experience with pumpkin. Clearly, she and all the others loved their special holiday surprise.

Down the trail, we came across several smaller animals, with tiny little pumpkins. Adorable! Snakes, naked mole rats, and all the other animals were given these snacks, but some of them seemed more interested than others.

A young gorilla had an entire pumpkin to himself on the hill. He seemed especially interested in eating the lid of the jack-o-lantern.

RIP Halloween. And RIP The Great Movie Ride. A new limited edition Magic of Honor pin released across Walt Disney World featuring the Great Movie Ride for $17.99. We picked ours up inside Discovery Trading Company. Don’t forget about Pin Thursdays starting on November 7!

Now let’s take a look at Christmas. Trees are up and lit inside Discovery Trading Company. The Christmas merchandise has arrived and taken over a large portion of the store.

Inside Mombasa Marketplace, more trees are set up around the gift shop.

Dinoland seems to have the most Christmas spirit early on.

Inside Chester and Hester’s, Christmas has fully arrived. Santa-Saurus is here and ready to celebrate.

We took a quick look at the construction on Harambe House, the new Club 33 location. The exterior of the building is getting lots of detailing to match the surroundings, so be sure to check out our latest update for more details.

That’s about it for today. Thanks for following us around Animal Kingdom and stay tuned for more updates on decorations, Club 33, and more!