PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 11/5/19 (New DisneyStyle Photo Op, Creepy Olaf Chocolate, Christmas at World of Disney, Torn-Up Bongos, and More)

Welcome to a crisp fall morning here at Disney Springs. It’s just cold enough for a bit of faux Florida snow to have sprinkled the trees inside World of Disney.

The giant candy corn filled Mickey pumpkin has been replaced by a giant snowman sipper cup and snowy trees. The merchandise is all displayed festively around the store and really gets you in the holiday spirit.

A new 12 pin set of character Holiday Hot Cocoa pins have arrived at World of Disney. These blind boxes are $14.99 and contain 2 mystery pins from the series. Each of these cups of hot chocolate is themed to a different character. The Marie looks a little creepy, but this set is pretty creative and perfect for winter.

Two new slap bracelets featuring “The Yummiest Time of Year” and “Happy Holidays 2019” in red and green are $9.99 each.

Lady and the Tramp plush have arrived at World of Disney. Lady is $29.99 and Tramp is $34.99.

We wished for our Wishables early and got them! The Merry Christmas limited release series is available at Days of Christmas. Each blind bag contains one of 4 characters. There’s also a loose, out-of-bag soldier, but he wasn’t available at the time we found these.

Sandy Claws and Santa treats have filled the case over at Goofy’s Candy Co.

Over at Disney Pin Traders, three new villains pins have debuted. Pain and Panic with Hades, Lady Tremaine, and Chernabog have arrived a few days after Halloween, but anytime of year is good for new villains merchandise. These pins are $9.99 each.

A new, slightly creepy chocolate Olaf is available at the Ganachery. Pumpkin spice marshmallows, sprinkles, and more decorative treats surround a milk chocolate Olaf for $18.

These race medals are edible, but are probably more intended for decoration. These chocolate medals are $16 each.

November has brought a new featured drink at the Coca-Cola Rooftop Tasting Bar. Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry Cocktail is $10 and combines spiced cranberry Sprite with Jack Daniels Fire and whole cranberries.

DisneyStyle has their Christmas background on the wall. Now you can get that perfect icy castle photo without having to fight the crowds.

Ample Hills Creamery is coming soon to Disney Springs. The marquee over the old entrance to Something Silver has the shining silver pieces completely removed, but you can still see a few around the side of the building.

Bongos Cuban Cafe has closed to make room for the new Beatrix restaurant. Demolition is underway, and huge chunks of the building have been ripped out. It’s actually an interesting and sad sight to see directly through the torn-up building.

The new staircase at Cirque du Soleil has finally started to take shape. We can even see steps.

We can see the top of what looks like the bar area on the corner for City Works. Walls are still up around the building, but we can see the scissor lifts through the windows with crew hard at work.

Thanks for following us around Disney Springs today. Stay tuned for more holiday fun and updates from Disney Springs and more.