PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Animal Kingdom 11/7/19 (Holiday Popcorn Buckets, New Merchandise, Construction Updates, and More)


PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Animal Kingdom 11/7/19 (Holiday Popcorn Buckets, New Merchandise, Construction Updates, and More)


PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Animal Kingdom 11/7/19 (Holiday Popcorn Buckets, New Merchandise, Construction Updates, and More)

Hello from Disney’s Animal Kingdom! We’re on a mission to see if we can find any new holiday decor in the park. Let’s get going!

Tree of Life

Discovery Island Christmas Decorations

Upon entering Discovery Island, we immediately noticed the new animal luminaries on the rooftop of Island Mercantile.

Discovery Island Christmas Decoration

These luminaries are a part of the new holiday offerings coming to Animal Kingdom. Other additions will include life-size puppets and a new sequence for when the Tree of Life awakens at night.

Mickey tee

A new Mickey tee is now available at Island Mercantile. It features a classic Mickey with a lucky horse shoe.

Mickey tee

There was only a small stack on display in the store. It costs $24.99.

Small World cuff

Across the street at Discovery Trading Company, we found an “it’s a small world”-inspired cuff. It’s gold tone and features the attraction’s iconic clock tower face.

Small World cuff

Small World cuff

The cuff is a part of the Disney Parks Jewelry Collection and retails at $19.99.

Dinosaur Christmas lights

Over in Dinoland U.S.A., the giant dinosaur skeleton outside of The Boneyard play area has been fully wrapped in Christmas lights.

Dinosaur Christmas lights

Dinosaur Christmas lights

Dinosaur Christmas lights

We’re excited to see what this guy will look like all lit up!


We were just cruising through Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama when we stumbled upon the mother load… CHRISTMAS POPCORN BUCKETS. There was also a sipper and a specialty straw. We ran up to the popcorn cart right as it was opening up to be the first ones to get our hands on these babies. Before we had even purchased the buckets, a line began to form behind us.

IMG 8440

After obtaining these prized possessions (seriously… at least 15 people stopped us to ask were we got them), we scurried back over to Discovery Trading Company to snap some photos with the store’s Christmas trees. This Christmas Tree popcorn bucket includes a little Mickey wearing a Santa hat and bearing a gift. The garland wrapping the tree is made of rubber in contrast to the rest of the tree’s sculpted plastic. This particular bucket is $25.00.

IMG 8466

The second Christmas popcorn bucket available is Mickey dressed as an elf. We think he has some resemblance to a pirate. Are pirate Christmas elves a thing? This bucket retails at $18.00. Oh no… with all these photos, our phone is quickly losing life.

Gingerbread straw

The new holiday straw is candy cane striped and features a rubber gingerbread Mickey. This little guy will cost you $4.50. Okay… phone is on its last leg. Pulling out the FuelRod. Great… that FuelRod is dead. Time to dash to Island of Mercantile to swap it out.


Phew! We’re back to take even more photos. The jingle bell sipper is shiny red (like so shiny you can probably see our reflection in it as we’re taking photos). The holes in the jingle bell sipper are Mickey-shaped. It also lights up! It has multiple settings with different colors and a setting where it phases through each color. You can sleigh all day with this jingle bell sipper for $16.00. OH GREAT… this FuelRod isn’t working. We have a feeling that our phone isn’t going to make it much longer…

GUESS WHAT? The jingle bell sipper actually jingles! To watch a sad, short video of us jingling it while we sit outside Discovery Trading Company charging our dead phone, click here.


In Asia, a small addition has been made to the holiday decorations. Lights and bells were added to the strands of Diwali lanterns.


IMG 8552

We passed Doug and Russell on our way to Africa. They were probably looking for their favorite bird pal, Kevin.


At Harambe Market, construction hedges appeared in front of Chef Mwanga’s Ribs Shop.

IMG 8557

IMG 8559

IMG 8560

The hedges were concealing ongoing repair work on the market’s concrete walkway. Plywood was laying over the work area.

IMG 8580

Construction continues on at Animal Kingdom’s Club 33 location, Harambe House.

IMG 8586

IMG 8589

Changes have occurred to the section of the building with a pyramid-shaped roof. The exterior has been prepped for stucco to be applied.

Thanks for sticking with us until the very end! Which new holiday popcorn bucket is your favorite? Let us know!

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