PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 11/17/19 (Current Mood Magnets, 10th Anniversary UP! Plush, Games in Galaxy’s Edge, “Repaired” Skyliner Display, and More)

Hooray for Hollywood! It’s a very cold morning here at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but everyone is looking dapper today.

The rope drop process for the park seems to be under control thanks to all the Cast Members directing traffic and helping everyone get where they are going first thing in the morning.

Taking a look down Sunset Boulevard, it’s nice to see so many people enjoying Dapper Day. The vintage feel really fits in around here!

If you’ve been wanting a Toy Story Alien popcorn bucket, you’ve got your choice of the Santa alien or the flannel pajamas alien over near Municiberg.

A new pair of Pixar UP! 10th anniversary plush can be found inside Beverly Sunset on Sunset Boulevard for $26.99 each.

This new “Fearless” shirt comes in youth sizes and features Ariel for $17.99 inside Once Upon A Time.

The new “lime” Hidden Mickey pouches can be found inside Once Upon A Time for $12.99 each.

Even more “Current Mood” magnets have arrived. Each pair is $9.99.

The Dark Room has a new phone grip available featuring Minnie Mouse for $12.99.

The new restrooms are coming along, and we can see even more details have been added.

The table located just outside of the Creature Stall is now set up for travelers to play games with each other.

Photo reports so real, you’ll think you’re here!

Disney+ billboards are up now on Commissary Lane.

ABC Commissary was closed due to “technical difficulties” so the Cast Members were outside handing out stickers and directing guests towards PizzeRizzo and Backlot Express.

A little bit of refurb happening on the stairs near Commissary Lane.

It’s pretty cold for Floridians, so the heaters are blasting over at Sunset Ranch Market.

The ID tag machines have been moved out of the way and we can now see the alien ornaments!

The festive Christmas camo scarves are perfect!

Gertie will always be one of the best things here at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

We recently pointed out the new Skyliner themed window displays outside of Mickey’s of Hollywood and how one of them was broken. It seems they’ve repaired the broken window, but not quite how we expected. They’ve replaced the window with a plain, clear window instead of a red Skyliner themed one. This is actually really disappointing and hopefully only a temporary fix until the new Skyliner window can be installed.

It looks like it might be time to get out of here. Thanks for joining us today and be sure to keep following for all the latest updates!

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11 months ago

I feel like the restrooms being built near Baseline have been under construction for longer than Galaxy’s Edge was.

11 months ago

That Little Mermaid shirt says “Fearless”. Fearless is the title of a Taylor Swift album (the most awarded country album of all time btw). Taylor Swift was born in 1989. 1989 was the same year The Little Mermaid was released to theaters. Illuminati confirmed.

11 months ago
Reply to  Cermet

You need to calm down.