EPCOT crowd 11/13 (1)

PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 11/16/19 (Cold Weather, Manatee Appreciation, New Apparel in France, and More)

Hello and welcome to a suddenly chilly Walt Disney World! This morning, there was a breeze and a chill in the air, so grab your favorite Mickey sweater and get ready for another spin through EPCOT.

EPCOT crowd 11/13 (1)

Right off the bat at 8:50 am, the park was full of happy visitors ready to hop on their favorite rides and explore World Showcase. The cool weather sure didn’t deter anyone.

Space 220 green paint (1)

Over at the upcoming Space 220 restaurant, we spotted some new patches of Disney’s signature “Go Away Green” paint, which helps buildings and construction areas blend into the background. It seems that they want the building to blend in for maximum stealth.

Space 220 green paint (2) Space 220 green paint (3)

EPCOT manatee (1)

At The Seas, we spent a little time with our adorable manatee friend, Li’l Joe. He’s just too adorable and we love checking in on him.

EPCOT manatee (2)

EPCOT aquarium (2)

We also caught a feeding for the other fish, so they were out in huge swarms. A cast member was educating the audience on the types of fish and facts about the aquariums at Walt Disney World. Did you know that all of the coral is Disney-produced? It would take thousands of years for coral like that to grow in the wild, and of course it would be impossible and terrible to transplant coral of that size to an aquarium. With a little Disney magic, they were able to create a realistic home for all our lovely little fish friends.

EPCOT aquarium (1)

Future World East restroom 11/13 (1)

The restroom in Future World East by Test Track and Mission: SPACE closed for refurbishment Monday. We were able to see into the construction zone from the monorail and will be able to keep you updated on the progress as it continues.

Future World East restroom 11/13 (2)

Water feature by Figment EPCOT

While most of the other water features in Future World West have refilled with water, this one next to Journey Into Imagination with Figment is still empty.

World Showcase promenade bathroom 11/13 (1)

The new restroom on World Showcase promenade got some new coloring on its walls. The front facing walls have been plain gray concrete, but now they have some brown texture applied.

World Showcase promenade bathroom 11/13 (2) World Showcase promenade bathroom 11/13 (3)

Croissant t-shirt France EPCOT

In the France pavilion, we spotted this adorable new t-shirt that reads, “Bubbly, Croissant, Chocolat, Baguette, Bon Appétit,” in black, bold, sparkly letters. The background features a sketch of the France pavilion. It would make a fun pair with this t-shirt in the Canada pavilion that lists ingredients for poutine. We will be looking out for more shirts like this in the future! This one in the France pavilion’s L’Espirit de la Provence is $29.99.

That’s all for EPCOT today! Keep checking back with Walt Disney World News Today for all the latest updates on your favorite EPCOT construction projects and your next favorite piece of merch.