PHOTOS: New Retro-Inspired Mickey Tops Arrive at Walt Disney World

Disney has heard our nostalgia cries and has released yet another retro design! A different collection of retro-inspired sweatshirts popped up at Walt Disney World not too long ago, but it seems that Disney wasn’t finished. This morning, we spied this t-shirt and sweatshirt at Magic Kingdom’s Emporium.

Both items feature the original Walt Disney World logo and a classic Mickey. The only color currently available is gray.

The t-shirt shows Mickey giving a friendly wave. It’s cotton, making it great to wear on warm days in the parks. It costs $24.99.

The sweatshirt features a playful Mickey posing with his hands on his hips. Its design also incorporates the year in which Magic Kingdom opened. This sweatshirt is lightweight, perfect for nights as the weather begins to cool down. It retails at $44.99.

Our guess is that Disney isn’t done with the retro designs yet. In the past weeks, they seem to be dropping the vintage merchandise faster than ever. Don’t forget that last week we found vintage attraction sweatshirts at Disney Springs! What do you think about all of the retro-inspired merchandise? Which design is your favorite?