PHOTOS: Magic Kingdom Arrival Experience Enhancements (New Boat Dock, Security Screening Area, Entrance Planters) Construction Update 11/14/19

The ongoing construction work on the Magic Kingdom arrival experience enhancements has continued its steady push forward this week.

New construction equipment continues to flow into the staging and storage areas just east of the Magic Kingdom bus loop.

The former dock site for the resorts boats is completely devoid of anything green as construction equipment has taken over the site. New pipes and various electical and water lines are being laid down into place throughout the area.

From the monorail station, green scrims obscure the work going on behind on the pathway and boat dock areas.

Over by the security screening area, work continues on the structure that will cover the future security screening area for boat and bus arrivals.

As we pass over the park entrance, what looks like two matching round planters are being prepared behind their respective green construction walls. The planter on the east side looks further along than the one on the west side. These planters may mirror those for the large Southern Live Oak trees just past the turnstiles in front of Main Street station.

From across the water, you can see the work that continues on the resort boat dock area as several vehicles were seen on site.

What are you hoping to see in the new Magic Kingdom park entrance area? Let us know in the comments below.