Liberty Square market

PHOTOS: A Tree Sprouts From the Center of the Liberty Square Market Seating Area in the Magic Kingdom

Hear ye, hear ye! We have some news to report from the market. For weeks, nay, months we’ve been tracking the progress of the new seating area for the Liberty Square Market, and it seems some monumental changes have taken place.

Do you see it, standing tall and majestically? Let’s get a better angle.

There it is! During our last update, we theorized what was going to grace the center of the new seating area and seems we got our answer. Let’s just hope George Washington and his hatchet stand clear of this beauty.

Along with the tree, a concrete lip around the area has also been added. Prior to this, the spot was sectioned off with wooden panels.

Another concrete path has only been added and can be seen at the bottom right of the photo. What’s going to go in between these 4 concrete paths is still unknown. Perhaps cobblestones? Or maybe just a contrasting cement.

All around, the new seating area is shaping up to look very aesthetically pleasing. The color scheme of the already poured concrete complements the brickwork lining the area nicely and the tree brings a cohesiveness that was lacking before.

If you’re as anxious as us to see this area completed, make sure to stay updated here.

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