PHOTOS: New Ferryboat Entrance Pathway Now Open at the Magic Kingdom

We arrived bright and early to the Magic Kingdom this morning to find that some of the work around the entrancing is nearing completion. A new pathway is now open, allowing guests taking the ferry from the TTC to bypass the second bag check at the Magic Kingdom and head directly into the park. We recently saw similar changes to the entrance of EPCOT, expediting the arrival process for those coming in by monorail. Now it seems Magic Kingdom has done the same thing for guests coming from the TTC by ferry.

When you arrive at the TTC, you’ll go through the security screening and bag check process before choosing monorail, ferry, or bus for transportation to the park. If you take the monorail, you’ll bypass the second bag check, but visitors arriving on the ferry often encountered more crowds coming from the buses upon arrival. Now guests will exit the ferry and be taken directly up the pathway to the entrance.

Now the pathway is open, and guests can exit the ferry and proceed down the newly paved entrance to the park.

Guests will exit the ferry boat and still see the bag check for guests arriving by bus, but will not have to go through the process a second time. There are fences to separate the secured area, but we’re sure there will be more changes once the new bag check structure is complete.

Guests taking boats to the resort will still board at the dock in the center. You will go through a separate bag check and security screening if you are arriving by a resort boat, though.

Many changes are coming to the entrance of the Magic Kingdom, and we’re already pleased with this new pathway. Are you looking forward to taking the ferry boat and taking this new pathway?