PHOTOS: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Brings Christmas to the Islands for the 2019 Holiday Season

Aloha! This morning, we stopped by the Polynesian Village Resort to check out their Christmas decorations.

Poly XMas 19 Exterior

Poly XMas 19 Valet Drive Thru

Poly XMas 19 Valet Detail

Poly XMas 19 Monorail Beam

Walking up to the resort, the valet and guest drop-off area is all decked out with Christmas wreaths and garland.

Poly XMas 19 Entrance

Poly XMas 19 Entrance Detail 1

Poly XMas 19 Enrance Detail 2

Once you walk towards the entrance of the lobby, large garland hangs over the walkway from wooden oars.

Poly XMas 19 Check in

Poly XMas 19 Concierge Desk

Inside, the lobby check in and concierge desks also feature lighted garland. A sign promoting tickets for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party sits on the concierge and travel valet desk.

Poly XMas 19 Boutiki

Poly XMas 19 Boutiki Decorations

Poly XMas 19 Boutiki Detail

Poly XMas 19 Boutiki Fish

Boutiki has gotten into the Christmas spirit with decor throughout the entrance and the store itself.

Poly XMas 19 Boutiki Sweaters

Their rack of jackets and sweaters was a popular place this morning thanks to the cooler weather this week.

Poly XMas 19 Captain Cooks

At Captain Cook’s, wreaths hang over the windows in the dining area.

Poly XMas 19 DVC Lobby

Poly XMas 19 DVC Detail

Poly XMas 19 DVC Check In

In the Club Level Hawai’i building, the guest dining lounge and check-in info desks downstairs have also been decorated.

Poly XMas 19 Tambu Lounge

Poly XMas 19 Ohana Check in tree

Back in the Great Ceremonial House, Tambu Lounge and the check in area for ‘Ohana have seen wreaths, garland, and a Christmas tree go up.

Poly XMas 19 Monorail Security

We can also see the security check in area for the Monorail features some decorations on the support beams outside.

Poly XMas 19 Kona Island

Poly XMas 19 Kona Island Detail

Poly XMas 19 Kona Cafe

Kona Island and Kona Cafe also were included in the holiday decorations.

Poly XMas 19 Elevators

Poly XMas 19 MVMCP Photo Board

The elevators feature a nice wreath between the elevator doors. Around the corner, the photo background for the Christmas party is still up for guests.

Poly XMas 19 Lobby Tables

In the lobby, the tables now feature small baskets of poinsettia plants to help with the holiday mood.

Poly XMas 19 Lobby Upstairs

The main attraction, this year’s Christmas tree, looms large in the main lobby in its traditional corner. It reaches almost to the second floor.

Poly XMas 19 Lobby Tree

Poly XMas 19 Tree and Boutiki

Poly XMas 19 Tree and Boutiki 2

The tree is a popular spot for guests to stop for Christmas photos as they pass through.

Poly XMas 19 Tree Details

The details on the tree feature some classic Pacific Islands items to bring home the island holiday feel.

Poly XMas 19 Tree Drum

Poly XMas 19 Tree Orchids

Poly XMas 19 Tree Fruit

Nothing says Mele Kalikimaka like a pineapple on the tree.

Poly XMas 19 Tree Flowers

Poly XMas 19 Tree Flower Light

Poly XMas 19 Tree Fish

The fish on the tree were quite popular with the kids who were checking out the details with their parents during out visit.

Poly XMas 19 Tree Shells

Poly XMas 19 tree star

Poly XMas 19 Tree Top

That does it for our look at the Christmas decor at the Polynesian. What is your favorite part of this year’s decorations? Let us know in the comments below!

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