PHOTOS: Rebar Added to Launch on TRON Lightcycle Run in the Magic Kingdom

It’s been a while since we last checked in on the construction of the Magic Kingdom’s newest coaster. With all the excitement of the final piece of the track dying down, we thought we’d pop on over to see what else we could spot.

First thing’s first, we spotted some workers up in a crane working on an exterior piece of the loop. Perhaps this is prep work for the canopy that’s being added to the section?

However, on the progress end of things we spotted some rebar popping up by the launch area. You can see down by the right bottom of the image, the rebar is lined with yellow material. This will most likely get filled with cement and be the area that encases the track and ride vehicles where you board.

To the bottom left, you can also spot some wood and more rebar right as the track begins its uphill climb.

There also seems to be some progress on the track inside the show building. Previously, all the interior was dark, but we now can spot some grey toned pieces. This could just be the extension of the outdoor track or some other design aspects.

For a look at what the completed coaster will look like, you can check out the full POV ride through of the original attraction in Shanghai Disneyland:

The TRON Lightcycle Run coaster is scheduled to open at Magic Kingdom in time for Walt Disney World 50th anniversary in 2021.

Make sure to keep reading WDWNT to stay updated on all the latest TRON construction, as well as other attractions coming soon!

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