PHOTOS: Themed Thatching Elements Completed on Club 33 Harambe House Roof at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Harambe House
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It’s been a little while since we last checked in at the construction site of the all-new Harambe House in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This new structure will be the future home of a new Club 33 location for the most exclusive of Walt Disney World guests.

Let’s take a look around to see what changes we can spot.

Harambe House

The biggest change we have noticed since our last update was the thatching added to the roof. This helps blend the top of the building with the rest of Harambe Village.

Harambe House

As you can see, the roof is given the same treatment as the others in the foreground.

Harambe House

Harambe House

Painting has also progressed on the exterior as the gray has now been replaced with a smooth white finish. You can also spot some outlines on the side of the building that resemble the tops of a temple-like shape.

Harambe House

You can see this shape all around Harambe Village, and it is usually framing either a doorway or windows.

Harambe House

Right now, the exterior is looking clean and tidy, but I’m sure with more details being added to the building, it’ll end up looking more worn to match the others in the area.

Harambe House is said to open by the end of the year, so stay tuned as we will be keeping you updated as things progress!

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