PHOTOS: Toy Story Land Characters Don Their Holiday Apparel at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Last week, we took you on a little tour around Toy Story Land to check out all the new holiday decorations, however, today we noticed something else. It seems on top of decking out his backyard, Andy also got new Christmas outfits for all his toys!


The first toy we noticed was Buzz Lightyear himself. While showing off his “karate chop action,” the space ranger was donning a glittery Santa hat.


We’re just happy he’s in karate mode and not Spanish mode. It would have been difficult to capture a Buzz photo mid-salsa dancing.

The Green Army Men were looking cozy in their camouflage scarfs. I’m not going to lie, if Disney sold these, I’d probably buy it.


Seems like they were getting ready to play some “reindeer” games.



Jessie got a new vest added to her wardrobe. Not only do we love the peppermint candy details, but the candy cane trim? Perfection.


Maybe later she can yodel some Christmas carols for us!

The newest addition to Toy Story Land, Bo Peep not only got a new striped scarf, but also a holly leaf added to her signature pink bow.


It seems Jessie wasn’t the only toy given the vest treatment. Her rootin’-tootin’ buddy Woody was also wearing a candy cane trimmed vest decorated with Christmas trees and presents.

And no, your eyes do not deceive you, that is a candy cane in his holster.


Woody also got holly added to his hat! I hope he doesn’t lose it, though we all know Andy will still take him to Cowboy camp with or without his hat.


This moment warmed the cockles of our hearts. The Sheriff is always a gentleman, after all, I hope Bo doesn’t get too jealous.

So what do you think? Do you like the Toy Story Land gang’s new holiday attire? Let us know! And ’till next time… so long, partner.

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