REVIEW: Glazed Ham Shanks at Favorite Things Marketplace for Disney California Adventure Festival of Holidays 2019

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Ham shanks and witbier and stuffing mac & cheese, frozen chocolate milk and gingerbread cookies, these are a few of the favorite things offered at the Favorite Things Marketplace at the 2019 Disney Festival of Holidays at Disney California Adventure! But are they a few of our favorite things? Let’s find out!

Menu for Favorite Things Marketplace at Disney California Adventure Festival of Holidays 2019


  • Glazed Ham Shanks with Honey Crumble – $8.00
  • Holiday Stuffing Mac & Cheese – $7.75
  • Gingerbread Mickey Cookie – $5.25


  • Warm Bourbon Cider – $13.00
  • S’mores Frozen Chocolate Milk (Non-Alcoholic) – $6.00
  • Bell’s Brewery, Lager of the Lakes, Czech-style Pilsner – $10.50
  • Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, Witbier – $11.75
  • Modern Times Beer, Space Ways, Hazy IPA – $11.75
  • Legends Brewery, Cookies Galore Beer, Chocolate Cookie Milk Stout – $11.75
  • Stone Brewing, 2014 Imperial Russian Stout – $11.75
  • Beer Flight – Bell’s Brewery Lager of the Lakes, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, Modern Times Beer Space Ways, and Legends Brewery Cookies Galore – $15.50

Photos of Menu Items from Favorite Things Marketplace at Disney California Adventure Festival of Holidays 2019

Glazed Ham Shanks with Honey Crumble – $8.00

Glazed Ham Shanks with Honey Crumble – $8.00
Glazed Ham Shanks with Honey Crumble – $8.00
Glazed Ham Shanks with Honey Crumble – $8.00
Glazed Ham Shanks with Honey Crumble – $8.00
Glazed Ham Shanks with Honey Crumble – $8.00

This dish was pretty good, the ham slices off the bone easily and the honey glaze was sweet, but not too sweet. (We think Winnie the Pooh would approve.) Eight dollars is a little steep for the portion size, but the flavor was great. There’s a very sticky glaze that seemed to be everywhere on our tray, but it was worth it. The crumbles on top had a brown sugar and honey taste that complimented the meat well. We would eat this again!

Holiday Stuffing Mac & Cheese – $7.75

Holiday Stuffing Mac & Cheese – $7.75

This item was previously available at Winter Sliderland in 2018. This was unanimously approved of by our group. Our college-aged reviewer Michel had this to say about it – “The Holiday Stuffing Mac and Cheese is amazing. For starters, the cheese is great, not your usual mac accompaniment, which gives the macaroni a stronger flavor and it feels like more than something you could make in a college student’s kitchen. Throw the stuffing on top and you’ve got a dish that would make Remy proud, combining the salty stuffing with the strong cheese and the always reliable macaroni to make a snack that some members of our crew would eat as an actual dish. Winner winner stuffing dinner!” As Remy would say, “If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff!”

Gingerbread Mickey Cookie – $5.25

Gingerbread Mickey Cookie – $5.25

This cookie moves to Favorite Things from Grandma’s Recipes in 2019. The Gingerbread Mickey cookie was the cutest gingerbread cookie we’ve seen at the parks. What’s even better is that it was delicious, too. The gingerbread was perfectly soft and had a great gingerbread flavor without being too intense. We loved this cookie!

Warm Bourbon Cider – $13.00

Warm Bourbon Cider – $13.00

This item comes to Favorite Things from Visions of Sugarplums in 2019. The cider was just that, slightly warm with a hint of bourbon and a questionable chunk of white fluff floating on top. Definitely not worth $13.00

S’mores Frozen Chocolate Milk (Non-Alcoholic) – $6.00

S’mores Frozen Chocolate Milk (Non-Alcoholic) – $6.00

This beverage is a holdover from last year’s menu from Visions of Sugarplums. Everyone in the crew agreed that there was something strange about this chocolate milk (it felt more milk than chocolate), and the marshmallow-infused whipped cream just tastes like molten marshmallows and nothing more. A sweet treat, if not way too sweet.

According to Disney’s marketing, this booth offers “yummy dishes, gifted with flavor.” Would you accept these gifts or head for the return line? Let us know in the comments below!


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