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REVIEW: Holiday Blondie, Chocolate Chestnut Pinecone and More Bring the Holidays to Backlot Express at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If you’re looking for a sweet holiday treet, Backlot Express offers three items just for the season: a Holiday Blondie, a Chocolate Chestnut Pinecone, and Goofy’s Hot Chocolate Not Hot Chocolate Verrine. But are these desserts stars, or should they be on the cutting room floor? Let’s see what the critics think!

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Holiday Blondie – $5.99

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The blondie is topped with a plain buttercream icing, a merengue snowflake, and pink pearls.

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The blondie is delicious! It’s perfect for people who like a sweet and tart combo, with dried cranberry and orange pieces inside. The cranberry overpowers the orange slightly. The blondie itself is pretty sweet, but it counters the tartness from the fruit. This one is a winner!

Chocolate Chestnut Pinecone (Chocolate Chestnut Cream shaped as a Pinecone on a Praline Leaf) – $6.99

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I will say this is one of the more unique counter service desserts we have encountered in our travels, and it’s just as pretty as it is interesting. Chocolate chestnut cream may not be for everyone, but we thoroughly enjoyed this mousse-like dessert over chocolate cake. It comes with a bed of praline bits that ends up a sweet, nutty crunch. Another winner in the holiday dessert lineup. This item is also available at The Trolley Car Cafe.

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Goofy’s Hot Chocolate Not Hot Chocolate Verrine – $4.99

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This verrine includes chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, marshmallow foam topping, toasted marshmallows, milk chocolate pearls and a milk chocolate image of Goofy.

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This verrine is a major “meh.” The presentation just wasn’t nice. The chocolate mousse is the kind that’s all over the parks and tastes like snack pack pudding. The cake base was plain chocolate cake. It’s not bad, but also nothing fancy. The marshmallow foam topping was the best part… but that’s not saying much. It did have toasted marshmallows on top, which was fun. Still, there are better choices here. This item is also available at Rosie’s All-American Cafe.

All three of these items are available from November 8th, 2019, through January 5th, 2020.

Are these instant holiday classics, or do you think they’re going too far? Let us know in the comments section, and keep reading WDWNT for continuing coverage of the holidays at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!