PHOTOS: New Yoda “Star Wars” Lightsaber MagicBand Lands in Stores at Walt Disney World

Star Wars fans can rejoice as a new Yoda MagicBand has been made available at Walt Disney World. This green MagicBand is presented on special Star Wars packaging and features an intense-looking Yoda ready to guide you on your adventures.

The Star Wars packaging in itself is very cool with designs from the movies adorning the packaging in a mosaic style pattern.

Yoda looks very intense on this MagicBand and really goes well with the green background of the MagicBand.

The Lightsaber and “Yoda” text are a nice addition to the MagicBand but don’t really fit the design style of Yoda on the other side of the band in our opinion.

You can find this new Yoda MagicBand in stores at Walt Disney World for $24.99!