REVIEW: New Bugs ‘n’ Grubs Cupcake Crawls into Creature Comforts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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If you’re craving something slimy, yet satisfying, Creature Comforts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has you covered. A new bugs ‘n’ grubs cupcake has crawled into the bakery case and we’re ready to brave the creepy, crawly toppings. Grab a shovel, or a spoon, and let’s dig in.

We were not prepared for this delicious cupcake. A white chocolate lady bug, a gummy worm, and green tea “moss” top a hill of chocolate and cookie crumb dirt. Tufts of grass, created by buttercream frosting, decorate the chocolate dirt around the edges and the bugs.

When we cut into the cake, we discovered a cookies and cream cheesecake filling. There isn’t very much filling, but it’s delicious, and just enough to get the creamy flavor without overtaking the chocolate cake around it. The green tea cake piece doesn’t have much flavor, surprisingly, but it looks cute with the lady bug and gummy worm.

If you’re craving chocolate, this is the cupcake to go for. The chocolate layer is thick and rich, almost like fudge. There was plenty of cake to go with the chocolate and vanilla frostings on top, and the combination of flavors was delicious together. This cupcake was perfectly executed with just the right amount of each flavor.

This was an excellent snack we would highly recommend, especially for chocolate lovers. Creature Comforts is the Starbucks location for Disney’s Animal Kingdom and can be found near the gates of Africa. Will you be stopping in to grab this new cupcake (or the new Animal Kingdom Starbucks tumbler) anytime soon?