REVIEW: New Gingerbread Sundae at Storybook Treats in the Magic Kingdom is Absolutely Phenomenal

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The Magic Kingdom is looking beautiful with all of the holiday decorations lining down Main Street USA, you’ve just watched the Holly Jolly Trolley Show and you’re craving a festive treat that also needs to cool you off in the blazing Florida sun? Look no further than the new Gingerbread Sundae!

Gingerbread Sundae – $6.49

This Gingerbread Sundae, available for $6.49 at Storybook Treats in the Magic Kingdom is gingerbread soft-serve sundae topped with whipped cream, gingerbread pieces, and a Minnie Mouse waffle topper. I love gingerbread as much as the next personand this is beautifully presented. That being said, it all comes down to taste.

The polka dot container makes for a nice touch.

Here’s a better look at the cookie pieces:

This is actually amazing. You can smell the gingerbread the moment they hand you the sundae. The soft serve tastes like gingerbread, but with the creamy texture, it’s like a gingerbread with vanilla taste. Still, there’s no denying it’s gingerbread. The cookies give it an added flavor you can definitely taste and a bit of a crunch. I wish there was more cookie topping. I’m pretty sure there’s a drizzle of caramel, but the sign didn’t mention the sauce. The wafer topping is nice, but basic. The gingerbread taste is super strong here, and the cookie pieces made this entire dessert.

The Gingerbread Sundae is available daily, so be sure to pick one up for your daily dose of holiday cheer while visiting the Magic Kingdom on your next trip, and let us know your opinion on this frozen treat in the comments below. For a full list of the new holiday treats, click here.

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