REVIEW: Raspberry Mascarpone Yule Log and Christmas Cake at Plaza Inn – Holidays 2019 at Disneyland Park

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The holidays are in full swing at Disneyland Park, and Plaza Inn is getting in on the fun with a Raspberry Mascarpone Yule Log and a Christmas Cake! These items are only available from November 8th, 2019 to January 6th, 2020.

plaza inn holiday cake and Yule log 2019

plaza inn holiday cake and Yule log 2019

plaza inn holiday cake and Yule log 2019

Here is a quick look at the holiday menu at Plaza Inn.

Raspberry Mascarpone Yule Log (Vanilla sponge wrapped with raspberry marmalade and mascarpone filling topped with buttercream ganache and chocolate curls) – $5.99

plaza inn holiday cake and Yule log 2019

This treat was delectable! The inside had a nice sweet crunch that really complimented the sponge cake. The raspberry accents added a fruity taste that really pulled this dish together. The frosting was extremely light and not too sweet. With the chocolate curls topping it, every bite was interesting.

plaza inn holiday cake and Yule log 2019

As you can tell from this picture, every layer of this treat has a different texture. It was really enjoyable and something unique we have enjoyed in the parks the most over the past few days.

Christmas Cake (Chocolate sponge cake with red, green, and white swirled chocolate mousse filling topped with buttercream and finished with sprinkles) – $5.99

plaza inn holiday cake and Yule log 2019

This holiday cake was pretty average. If you are looking to play it safe with your treats this season, this is a good sweet for you. The cake is simple, sticking to chocolate flavors. The chocolate mousse on the inside was sweet, nothing out of the ordinary. Buttercream frosting tops the cake, as well as the buttercream Christmas tree. The frosting was good, but there was for sure a lot of it.

plaza inn holiday cake and Yule log 2019

plaza inn holiday cake and Yule log 2019

The cake remained very fluffy and it all stayed intact when we cut into it. This cake was good, but we don’t think its anything special.

Still craving more cake? Then be sure to stop by on December 1st, when a Christmas Bundt Cake joins the lineup at Plaza Inn. In the meantime, you can find our complete listing of holiday food items available at Disneyland Park here!

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