REVIEW: New Steakhouse Burger, Caramel Pecan Brownie Parfait and More at Galactic Grill – Holidays 2019 at Disneyland Park

Some new items have launched at Galactic Grill for the holiday season, including a Steakhouse Burger, a Caramel Pecan Brownie Parfait, and two different slushies! But did our mission control give them the green light or ground these new items? Stand by for our review!

DL Galactic Grill Holiday 2019 02

Caramel Pecan Brownie Parfait – $6.99

DL Holiday Brown Parfait 03

DL Holiday Brown Parfait 01

At first glance, we were pumped for this parfait. After the amazing Darth by Chocolate parfait the Galactic Grill had for Halloween Time, our expectations were high. The topping was cute and the layers are picture perfect. Unfortunately the fun stops here.

DL Holiday Brown Parfait 04

We tried to dig into this first since we were so excited, however it was frozen so hard, we couldn’t get past the top layer. So we placed it in the sun for a bit to hopefully soften it up.

DL Holiday Brown Parfait 05

After some time in the sun, we still had difficulty getting past the layer of pecans, which seemed to be frozen. After some work, we were able to get a manageable bite.

DL Holiday Brown Parfait 06

The flavor was chocolate brownie and really hard caramel covered pecans. It wasn’t bad, however it didn’t knock our socks off, either. The brownie layers are soaked in sweet and condensed milk which did make the brownie layers moist, but also overly sweet. But the hard pecans really distracted from the whole experience and everything just tasted far too sweet to make this enjoyable. A+ for the cute holiday decor on top, but overall this fell flat.

Steakhouse Burger – $14.49

Angus beef patty, provolone, onion strings, and sweet spiced bacon on a toasted bun served with choice of yogurt or French fries

DL Galactic Grill Holiday 2019 01

The burger at first glance just looks like your standard Galactic Grill burger.

DL Holiday Burger 01

The menu description calls this a steakhouse burger with sweet spiced bacon, provolone cheese, and fried onion strings. We think the term steakhouse burger is a bit of a stretch… however, this was still a good burger. We would have like the bacon a bit crispier, but that didn’t stop us from finishing the whole thing. The burger patty isn’t thick like a steakhouse burger, but the meat was tender and the bun was toasted to give some contrast in texture.

DL Holiday Steak Burger

They were actually pretty generous with the fried onions and BBQ sauce and there is a toppings bar if you’d like to add some additional condiments. We felt this had a right amount of sauce and didn’t wind up adding anything else. The burger also comes with your choice of fries or yogurt. For almost $15, this may not be the best deal in the park, but if you are craving a burger and enjoy a good BBQ-bacon cheeseburger, then we think you’ll be satisfied with this.

Apple Pie Slush – $7.59

DL Holiday Apple Pie Slush 01

This slush was a mess, as the whipped cream was melting and falling everywhere, but managed to still be delicious. We didn’t think it tasted like an apple pie, but rather more like cinnamon apple sauce that immediately transported us to childhood. The slush was a bit on the sweet side, but it was still very drinkable.

DL Holiday Apple Pie Slush 02

The whipped cream helps cut the sweetness and if you are fan of applesauce or apples in general, we think you will like this drinkable applesauce.

Nova Coffee Slush (Chocolate-mint-flavored coffee slush) – $7.59

DL Nova Coffee Slush 02

The description on this drink is exactly what it tastes like; coffee, chocolate, and mint mixed together into a slush and topped with whipped cream and a red dusting of sprinkles.

DL Nova Coffee Slush 03

As big mocha fans, we loved this. Think mocha meets peppermint, but the mint wasn’t over powering. Kids who like mocha would also enjoy this. It wasn’t too sweet and we would absolutely pick this up again, especially on a hot day for our coffee/mocha fix.

These items are only available from November 8th, 2019 through January 6th, 2020, so blast off to Disneyland Park soon to try them out! And if your mission is to find more holiday food items around Disneyland Park, be sure to check out our complete listing here!

Do any of these items send you over the moon? Let us know in the comments below, and keep reading WDWNT and Disneyland News Today for our coverage of the holidays at Disneyland Park!