PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 11/11/19 (Disney Magic Holiday Celebration Filming, Nightmare Before Christmas Jewelry, PeopleMover Refurbishment, Holiday Crowds, and More)

Welcome to a bright, sunny day here at the Magic Kingdom. The weather is just a bit cooler, which seems to have everyone in good spirits today. The park is extremely crowded though, because they’re filming segments for the Disney Magical Holiday Celebration.

All around the hub, we could see crew setting up for filming.

As we headed into Tomorrowland, we spotted even more construction scrims tucked off to the side along the PeopleMover.

A quick ride on the PeopleMover gives us a look behind the construction scrims. We’ve noticed many changes around the PeopleMover as some of the old pieces have been removed and wrapped in scrims for the time being. We’ve even noticed the panels with the circular cut outs have been removed around a lot of the track in an attempt to update things. Let’s just hope this update isn’t as awful as what they did to Star Traders.

A quick look at TRON Lightcycle Run. It doesn’t look like too much has changed since our last update.

Around the park, you can find various popcorn buckets and sippers. Halloween might be over, but these Halloween popcorn buckets have been given a new holiday to represent.

Earrings – $14.99
Ring Set – $14.99
Jack Necklace Set – $19.99
Long Necklace – $19.99
Sally Choker – $19.99
Necklace – $19.99

Inside Pirates Bazaar, we spotted a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas jewelry. Necklaces, rings, and ear rings can be found with Jack and Sally on them.

Inside of Star Traders, this Dumbo sequin top is perfect for cooler weather ahead for just $49.99.

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Christmas crowds.

This Anna MagicBand from Frozen 2 is available on the D-Tech on Demand Kiosks.

The pitcher has made his return to Casey’s Corner! Now we have both baseball players welcoming guests into the restaurant again.

Inside Pinocchio Village Haus, we noticed parmesan and red pepper shakers rather than packets. Not a fan.

Maurice’s Amazing Popping Machine has been chased out of the village. It’s moved closer to the entrance of 7 Dwarfs Mine Train now.

The ghosts have lit up the room in Memento Mori.

One set of pillars outside of Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe has been finished, and another set have been boarded up.

That’s all for today, so thanks for following us around the Magic Kingdom and stay tuned. See you next time!

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1 year ago

The shakers are probably more environmentally friendly than the packets.

Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson
1 year ago

MK was a zoo on Sunday, absolute zoo. I was there during Spring Break this year, and this was far, far worse. The bottleneck by the carousel in fantasyland was road rage worthy. They even extended the park closing by an hour to accommodate guests who were waiting in the crowds.