REVIEW: New Gobbler Poutine at The Daily Poutine Has Potential, But Doesn’t Quite Deliver at Disney Springs

We are huge fans of The Daily Poutine at Disney Springs. It’s one of the quickest and cheapest light meals you can grab. While we enjoy their usual menu offerings, we were curious to try their new holiday offering, Gobbler Poutine, which is the poutine equivalent of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

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The Gobbler Poutine is the same price as other specialty poutines on the menu, such as the Latin and Italian Poutine.


Let’s discuss its similarities to the eatery’s Classic Poutine. It uses the same thick cut fries, light gravy, and cheese curds.


The poutine’s holiday flair is the addition of a cranberry chutney and turkey. The cranberry chutney is thick and gooey. It’s more sweet than tart, so mixed with the gravy, it gives the poutine a sweet-and-salty combination that we like.


The fatal flaw of this dish is the turkey. To us, you can’t name a dish the “Gobbler” and then under deliver on the turkey. The meat’s seasoning and taste were fine, but the texture… it was so dry. The turkey was way overcooked.

We wanted to love this poutine, we really did. Sadly, it was pretty average and nothing extraordinary. If adjustments can be made so that the turkey isn’t overcooked, then this would be a great twist on classic poutine. Until it gets fixed, we’re going to give this one a pass.