REVIEW: The Odd-Sounding “Hot Strawberry & Matcha Tapioca Milk” Delights at Tokyo DisneySea’s Hudson River Harvest

With the changing of the seasons also comes the demand for hot, delicious beverages to warm Guests in the cold Tokyo winters. Tokyo Disney Resort has a funny trend of creating strange combination drinks that are either home runs or huge misses. One particular example is the Popcorn Soda with Donut from this past Halloween, a crazy idea that turned out to be one of the season’s finest treats! So I went in with cautious optimism when I saw the new Hot Strawberry & Matcha Tapioca Milk on Hudson River Harvest’s menu! How’s the taste? Well, you’ll be surprised.

Hot Strawberry & Matcha Tapioca Milk – ¥450 ($4.14)

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Matcha, for those that may not know, is essentially a very strong, concentrated version of green tea. Matcha is a very popular Japanese flavor, and it’s often mixed with chocolate for snacks and icy treats. Strawberry and matcha, however, is a combination I’ve never seen before! I was rather hesitant, but I swallowed my pride (and my first sip), and was certainly surprised by the results!

TDS StrawberryMatcha 1

TDS StrawberryMatcha 2

You’re served the drink with a healthy dollop of cream cheese and a spoon, which you’re instructed to use to stir the beverage. It’s a rather, small portion, but I didn’t mind too much since it’s rather sweet. Amazingly enough, the drink wasn’t so hot that I couldn’t start drinking immediately. This of course allows you to warm yourself up almost immediately! The combination of matcha and strawberry, as I mentioned, sounds rather odd. But when you actually taste it, you’ll find it to be an excellent sweet/savory combination! It’s a very Japanese-style treat yet doesn’t seem horribly out of place in American Waterfront. Or maybe I’ve just been in Japan too long. Either way, I highly recommend you stop by Hudson River Harvest and taste for yourself!

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