VIDEO: Cranium Command Actor Wants You to Help Him Find Buzzy!

Like many fans of Epcot’s “Cranium Command,” Scott Curtis wants the stolen anamatronic of Buzzy, the attraction’s main character, to be found. Unlike the rest of us, he’s got a personal reason – he is Buzzy!

As a child actor, Scott played both Cranium Command’s Bobby in the video portions of the show, and voiced our pilot hero Buzzy. When news offically broke that the ride’s animatronic Buzzy had been stolen, Scott was quick to get in contact with WDW News Today, hoping he could help spread the word and help bring Buzzy home safely. Check out his PSA for Buzzy below…

Curtis created this short PSA in support of the movement and discussed it on our late-night comedy show “WDW News Tonight.” Check out his phone interview…

Like Scott, we hope we’ll find Buzzy soon, so if you know anything about his whereabouts, please contact local Orlando law enforcement.

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1 year ago

when I first saw that photo I really thought that was Pete Carney for some reason