PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 12/22/19 (R2-D2 Surprised Us, Rise of the Resistance, Jedi Stitch, and More)

Good morning Hollywood Stars! Today we’re at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see what’s going on amid the excitement of Rise of the Resistance’s new boarding group procedures and Christmas week crowds. Let’s get going!

Hollywood Studios 12/21/19

Galaxy’s Edge 12/21/19 1

First we made our way over to Galaxy’s Edge to see what all was going on. Boarding passes were officially gone by 9:00am, and the ride started boarding around 9:45am.

Star Tours wait 12/21/19

While guests were waiting anxiously for their Rise of the Resistance boarding groups, Star Tours had a 5 minute wait.

R2-D2 12/21/19

We popped into the Droid Depot and were surprised by an R2-D2 appearance!

Alien Swirling Saucers 12/21/19

By 9:05am the wait for Alien Swirling Saucers was at a whopping 45 minutes.

Corona block Toy Story Land 12/21/19

We saw this cute little block in Toy Story Land with a nod to Punzie and the Corona sun!

Galaxy’s Edge 12/21/19 2

Despite all of the excitement, all guests and Cast Members around Rise of the Resistance were surprisingly calm. The area was not crowded at all.

Kermit watching 12/21/19

Kermit is watching you.

Santa in Grand Avenue 12/21/19

Santa getting in some toy delivering practice before the big day.

Jedi Stitch 12/21/19

Jedi Stitch might be the most precious Stitch of them all. Just look at his sweet little face!

Backlot Express penny machine 12/21/19

Over at the pressed penny machine by Backlot Express we noticed that they have a Silvermist penny. Silvermist is a character from the Pixie Hollow movie series all about fairy life in Neverland. It seems kind of odd to have her here.

Silvermist penny 12/21/19 Indiana Jones penny machine 12/21/19

Then in the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost we saw a penny machine with Rosetta, also from Pixie Hollow. How strange.

Rosetta penny 12/21/19 Poll on Star Wars screen 12/21/19

In front of the Chinese Theatre on the Galaxy Far, Far Away stage screens, a text poll was up asking guests if they’d rather ride a fathier or pilot a ski speeder. Ski speeder was definitely winning.

Rise of the Resistance A-Frame 12/21/19 1

On our way out we noticed a few A-frame boards notifying guests that all boarding passes had been distributed for the day.

Rise of the Resistance A-Frame 12/21/19 2 Rise of the Resistance A-Frame 12/21/19 3

There was even a sign in the parking lot.

That’s all for today’s spin around Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Have you ridden Rise of the Resistance yet? Are you planning to during your Christmas trip? If you want to know more, read our full review here. And be sure to check back in with WDW News Today for all the latest updates on your favorite Disney World parks!