REVIEW: Mamma Mia! New Spaghetti and Meatball Cupcake is a Sweet Twist on the Italian Favorite at Walt Disney World

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A very interesting cupcake has arrived in Discovery Island — and it’s available with Disney’s Animal Kingdom Tasting Sampler. The Spaghetti and Meatball Cupcake is a sugary sidekick to Italy’s most popular dish. It may not be the most authentic Italian dessert at Walt Disney World, but we certainly have to give Disney points for creativity!

spaghetti cupcake - beauty shot 2

This cupcake has a lot going on, detail wise. With noodle frosting, red sauce and a meatball on top, it’s nice to see Disney focus on the details to bring guests something very unique.

spaghetti cupcake - beauty shot 4

Usually cupcakes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are disappointing and often stale. But this dessert was the opposite: it was excellent! The flavor was exactly as advertised and very fresh.

spaghetti cupcake - beauty shot

Fondant “red sauce” contrasted nicely against the buttercream “spaghetti.” The vanilla cake “meatball” combined with the orange cake made the cupcake very orange dreamsicle — but in an even more sugary way.

spaghetti cupcake - outside

Let’s slice this monster meatball to see what’s inside the cupcake.

spaghetti cupcake - filling close

spaghetti cupcake - filling

The inside is filled with cannolli cream to round out the Italian theme.

spaghetti cupcake - ordering sign

The Spaghetti and Meatball Cupcake is $5.99 and can be purchased at Terra Treats.

spaghetti cupcake - tasting sampler sign

The cupcake is also part of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Tasting Sampler, which we reviewed when it originally launched in April.

animal kindgom tasting menu december - front

animal kindgom tasting menu december - back

When purchasing the sampler, you get a guide.

animal kindgom tasting menu december - inside overview

animal kindgom tasting menu december - inside map

Details and the map help you navigate to the participating locations.

animal kindgom tasting menu december - inside terra treats

In addition to the cupcake, Terra Treats offers pizza as part of the package.

Will you take the plunge and try a spaghetti-themed cupcake? Let us know in the comments.

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